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Mags Czajkowski makes an offer of around £90 grand for Number 31 in November 1987, with the intention of moving to Walford permanently and living there with Simon Wicks. The property was being sold by Newton & Ash Estate Agents. It was part of several storylines at the time exemplifying yuppies moving to Walford and displacing the original working class locals who could no longer afford the area they grew up in.

In late 1997, the local church purchased the house and turned it into a vicarage which become the home of the vicar, Alex Healy. His father Jeff Healy also moved in after separating from his wife Jane Healy in December 1997.

When Alex left for missionary work abroad, the house was bought by Phil Mitchell, who rented it out to Alex's father Jeff and sister Melanie Healy. The property then lay empty until Phil and Peggy Mitchell moved there from The Queen Vic.

The property was then inhabited by Phil, girlfriend Kate and sister Sam Mitchell. Phil's baby Louise and her nanny Joanne Ryan also share the Mitchell home. Peggy was so disgusted by Phil's decision to take Kate back, that she's decided to stay out in Rio with Grant.

Sam Hunter lived here with her husband Andy Hunter for a few months. She convinced him to buy the place to raise funds for Phil. When Andy discovered that Sam had been conned by Marcus Christie, he threw her out.

When Andy died, Pat Evans was then surprised to find out that she'd been left the house in Andy's will. Billy Mitchell and his lady love Honey Edwards lived here as lodgers, but moved to the Vic when Honey got pregnant. However, Pat was still left with a full house, as Dean, Kevin and Carly Wicks were fully settled in by then, having arrived in the new year.

Kevin dies, and Deano and Carly move out, as Bianca Jackson returns to Albert Square along with her kids, Whitney , Liam , Tiffany and Morgan . Ricky Butcher also lives with them. Tony King , Bianca's boyfriend also briefly lives with them before he is arrested for sexually abusing Whitney.

Later Pat remained at this address with family Carol, Bianca, Ricky, Liam, Morgan, Tiffany and Whitney Dean. After Pat died, Ricky and Bianca split up and Bianca Butcher formed a new relationship with Terry Spraggan. Terry moved in temporarily with his kids TJ and Rosie. Bianca and Terry soon realised the house was not big enough for everyone and eventually, they moved to Milton Keynes.

Carol and grandson Liam did not leave with Bianca and remained living in Walford. In 2015, Sonia Jackson, Carol's daughter moves in. Later in 2015, both Liam and Carol left Walford. In 2015, Sonia invited Tina Carter to live with her, Tina's mother Sylvie Carter moves in. Sonia splits up with Tina in September 2016 and decided to take up a job offer in Kettering. Tina Carter then occupied the house with her mother. Rebecca Fowler, Sonia's daughter, left the house to live with her father. Tina offered Stacey Fowler the remaining lease on the house while Tina and her mother moved in with Shirley Carter at her place (23B Albert Square) .

Soon after the Stacey, Martin, Belinda, Kyle, Bex, Lily, Arthur move in, Belinda goes off travelling and then Kyle moves abroad, leaving Stacey and Martin living in the house with their three kids Bex, Lily and Arthur. In late December 2016, Martin's sister Michelle Fowler moved in after she returned from Florida, however, she moves into best friend Sharon Mitchell's house (55 Victoria Road) . In August 2017, Whitney Carter returns to the house, alongside her fiance Woody Woodward. Whitney and Woody break up in September 2017 and Woody leaves Walford. In October 2017, Martin and Stacey's newborn daughter Hope Fowler is born and moves in the house. Following Stacey’s affair with Max Branning on Christmas Eve 2017, Martin throws Stacey out in January 2018. After a few weeks Stacey manages to change the locks and kicks Martin out. Martin then moves into 25 with ex-wife Sonia Jackson. In January 2018, Tiffany Butcher returns to the house and moves in. In March 2018, Mo Harris returns and informs Stacey that Kat Moon is dead. After the square rally around to gather the funds for her funeral, Mo reveals to Stacey that Kat is not dead. Stacey’s mother Jean Walters also returns earlier that day temporarily (she later stays). Kat returns also unexpectedly that night, shocking her family and the residents of Albert Square.

Kat, Mo and Jean move in with Stacey and the kids. Hayley Slater also moves in with them and sleeps on the sofa, hiding the fact that she is pregnant. Martin and Stacey get back together and he moves back in. Hayley gives birth to her daughter Cherry and Alfie , Bert , Ernie and Tommy move into the house around Christmas 2018. Alfie goes on the run and Hayley admits herself to hospital in January 2018. Hayley decides not to return in February, leaving Cherry in Kat's care.

In July 2019, Stacey whacks Phil over the head with a wrench, meaning that she, Martin, Lily and Hope temporarily move out, leaving Arthur with his father Kush Kazemi . Martin returns to the Square two months later to support Bex after her suicide attempt, but he moves back into No. 25. Stacey and the kids move out temporarily after Martin and Stacey split up and Stacey moves in with her new boyfriend Jerome

Daniel Cook briefly stays with Jean as he is informed he only has weeks to live and lives in the house before finally succumbing to the illness. 

In 2020, Stacey, Lily and Hope return and move back in with Jean, Kat, Mo, Kush, Arthur, Tommy, Bert and Ernie. After Kush runs away with Arthur, Kat breaks up with him and he moves out to live with his best friend, Martin Fowler and his new wife, Ruby Allen.

In 2021, Kat gains custody Scarlett Butcher for 6 months, after a court deems Janine Butcher incapable of caring for her. However, Kat agrees to let Janine move in, as long as she stays on the straight and narrow. In September 2021 Scarlett and Janine move in. After the Mitchell house fire, Phil, Lola, and Lexi move in, Lola and Lexi later move out to live with Isaac.

On 25 October 2021, Jean reveals Suki is the landlord and rents it out to the slaters when she mentions their boiler is playing up. At the end of October, Stacey's friend Eve Unwin, who is revealed to also be her wife for custodial reasons, moves in to the house, much to Jean's disapproval. After Sean, Stacey's brother, persuades Eve to move on from Stacey, she decides to leave. However she later returns

Towards the end of November, the Slaters are preparing to be evicted. After Jean persuades to Phil Mitchell to let the Slaters move in to his house at 55 Victoria Road, as a result of his and Kat's relationship, he agrees and the Slaters move out to live at 55 Victoria Road.

After Stacey charms Kheerat Panesar, the Slaters move back in. However kat returns to no.55 with the kids. After this, Freddie Slater returns and joins them, so does Alfie Moon.

On New years day 2023, a carbon monoxide leak hospitalises Jean, Eve and Lily. After this, the house is uninhabitable temporarily and the slaters move to 5D Albert Square, however Freddie goes to No.45. After it is safe to move back In, Harvey Monroe joins them to help them pay their rent and to be closer to his girlfriend Jean.

In September 2023, Lily gives birth to Charli Slater in the property. Later in December, Eve moves out after going on the run. She later returns, and Suki moves in with her, however the two layer move out together.

Im April 2024, Jade Masood stays at the property after her fathers arrest

Births & Deaths[]

There has been four deaths and one birth within this residence:


  • Evie Brown – died in the living room of this house from breast cancer (December 2006)
  • Wellard – died in the living room of this house from theobromine poisoning (August 2008)
  • Billie Jackson died in the living room of this house from alcohol poisoning (October 2010)
  • Pat Evans – died in her bedroom within the house from pancreatic cancer (January 2012)



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