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Number 29 Albert Square is a house in Albert Square, Walford.


29 Albert Square - House[]

No 29 Albert Square was built with the rest of the square in the 1890s. From about 1915 to 1950 members of the Osbourne family lived there, including Harry Osbourne. Harry emigrated in 1950.

Ian Beale converted 27-29 into a single house and lived here with his family - wife Cindy, and three children Steven, Peter and Lucy. They moved into the property in August 1996. Only a few months later, after Ian finds out about Cindy's affair with his half-brother David Wicks, Cindy flees to Italy, with the help of David and Barry Evans. She tries to take all 3 children without Ian's permission but is unable to pick up Lucy from daycare, so Lucy remains with Ian. Cindy takes Peter and Steven to Italy with her, where they remain until autumn 1997 when Ian brings them back home. Shortly after, Ian employs Mary Flaherty as a live-in nanny for the children but she only resides for a short while as she betrays Ian's trust by agreeing to let Cindy go out with the children while he isn't home.

In 1999, Mel Healy moves in with Ian and his family. Their relationship is short lived as Mel discovers Ian has lied about his daughter, Lucy, having cancer, just to persuade her not to leave him. Also, Ian's mother Kathy returns in September 1999 and lives with Ian for a short while.

In 2000, Ian employs Laura Dunn as a live-in nanny for the three children. Laura agrees to continue living with Ian, even after he sacks her, to support him with his bankruptcy. Eventually, they become a couple and later marry. By January 2001, Ian and his family are forced to move out of number 29 as a result of Ian's bankruptcy. They move into the flat behind Ians chip shop at 15a Turpin Road.

After Ian moved out, the house was split back into 2 properties - number 27 became a house and 29 was converted into flats.

29A Albert Square[]

In 2005 Dennis and Sharon Rickman lived in this property for a number of months.

29A Albert Square was bought by Jack Branning upon his arrival in 2007 and his brother, Max stayed with him for three months due to his being kicked out of his house following the discovery of his affair with Stacey Branning, then moved back home. Max since returned to the property, but moved out after punching Jack when he found out about his affair with Max's estranged wife Tanya Branning.

In December 2009 when the Mitchell Family is evicted from the Queen Victoria at Christmas Jack lets Ronnie's sister Roxy and Roxy and Jack's daughter Amy to stay and after Archie Mitchell's death, Ronnie, Roxy and Amy move next door to No.27 before returning to the Queen Vic. Ronnie briefly moves back in when Jack is in hospital but later once again, returns to number 46, to allow her mother, Glenda Mitchell to move into Jack's flat. Ronnie stays with Jack in 29A after a falling out with her family. In December 2010, Ronnie gives birth to son, James Branning, who dies in cot. She swaps her dead child with Kat Moon's healthy child, Tommy Moon who was born at the same time as James. Tommy is returned to Kat in April 2011 and Ronnie is imprisoned in July 2011. Jack's daughter Amy Mitchell moves into 29a with Jack after he is temporarily awarded custody of her, but she is soon returned to Roxy. In August 2012, Sharon Rickman and her son Dennis Rickman Jr move in with Jack when Jack and Sharon start a relationship. They move out in 2013 after Jack cancels his wedding to Sharon. When Michael Moon is kicked out of number 23, he moves in with Jack for a few weeks until he goes back. Jack then leaves after he and Ronnie are unable to go back to the way things were.

In 2023, Theo Hawthorne moves into the flat which is located right next to where Stacey is living, as he had by this point been revealed as Stacey's Secret Cam client and now stalker. In September 2023, Theo moved out after attempting to rape Stacey and was then subsequently assaulted by Freddie Slater.

29B Albert Square[]

The upstairs flat has two bedrooms and a kitchen/dining room/lounge which occupies the front of the property. It is currently owned by Bramford and Co and in an episode dated 7 August 2015 Buster Briggs is seen trying to talk the Estate Agent into letting him rent the house but it has already been taken of the market. Kush Kazemi moves in with his wife Shabnam Kazemi, however their pair divorce, and Kush's mother and brother, Carmel Kazemi and Shakil Kazemi, move in. Shakil dies in 2018, and Carmel leaves the Square, and for a while Mo Harris moves in as Kush's roomate until the pair relocate to 31 Albert Square, to live with Mo's granddaughter and Kush's girlfriend Kat Slater.

In 2020, Mick Carter, Linda Carter and Ollie Carter moved in after selling the Vic, staying there throughout the 2020 Lockdown and into the new year but move back to the pub in Spring 2021. After the Carter's returned to the pub, Sharon and her son Albie Watts (the previous owners of the Vic) move into the flat. Sharon asks her newly found brother Zack Hudson to move in with them and he agrees. Sharon's granddaughter Alyssa Lennox and her mother Jada Lennox, also move into 29B as Sharon offers them a place to stay. Zack's friend Martin Fowler also moves into the flat after being evicted from his home by ex-wife Ruby Allen. Later, in 2022, Sharon, Albie, Zack, Martin and new family members, Jada and Alyssa move to 43 Albert Square. Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway later move into the flat with Lexi Pearce often staying there. However, after Ben is raped, him and Callum split up, and Ben moves out. Jay Brown moves in with Callum after his split from Honey Mitchell, and after Callum's brother Stuart Highway leaves the Square, their nan, Vi Highway, moves in. Jay later moves out after his girlfriend, Lola Pearce, is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. Lola's brain tumour also makes Ben and Callum realise just how short life is, and the pair get back together, with Ben moving back in. When Lola passes away from her brain tumor Jay and Lexi move in to No. 29.

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