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Number 27 Albert Square was first owned in 1990 by the Tavernier family; Celestine, Etta, their children Clyde, Hattie, Jules, and grandson Kofi Tavernier. The Tavernier family remained in their family home until 1994.

Ian Beale later bought this property as well as No 29 and they were joined into one house. The property was repossessed and converted back into two properties after he went bankrupt and this building now solely belongs to the council.

In September 2004 Keith and Rosie Miller moved in, along with their children Darren, Demi and half brother Mickey. The following year Rosie's daughter Dawn Swann also moved in. Later on, the property was also occupied by Demi's daughter Aleesha, and Dawn's daughter Summer. In 2008, the property was burnt down after May Wright committed suicide after trying to kidnap Summer.

In 2009, Archie Mitchell bought the property. After his death, the property was left to Roxy Mitchell, who leased it to Phil and Shirley. In 2010, Roxy moves into the house for a short time, before selling the house to Greg Jessop & Tanya Branning, who refurbish the whole property.

In 2011, after Tanya's affair with her former husband Max Branning is revealed, Greg decides to leave the Square and sells the house to Janine Butcher, who has inherited a fortune after her grandmother's death. Janine evicts Tanya and her family, and moves in herself. Later Janine's boyfriend Michael Moon moves in.

In 2012, Janine and Michael get married, and have a baby named Scarlett. Janine, after a bout of post-natal depression, leaves the Square, leaving Michael and Scarlett in the property. During Janine's absence, Roxy and her daughter Amy move back in to help Michael with Scarlett. Michael's brother Tyler Moon also moves in. In April 2013, Janine returns to the Square, forcing Michael and Tyler out of the house. Janine lives in the house until her arrest for Michael's murder, and her subsequent exit from the square to start a new life in France.

In February 2014, Janine decides to sell the property to Roxy (50%) and Ronnie Mitchell (50%), who move in April. In July 2014, Ronnie reveals that she is pregnant, and leaves Walford to protect her baby. She returns in September, and Charlie Cotton moves in with her when they get engaged. Aleks Shirovs also moves in while in a relationship with Roxy, until she discovers that he has lie about divorcing his wife.After Ronnie's marriage to Charlie breaks down, he moves out of the house. Roxy also moves out of the house to live with her fiance, Dean Wicks, before leaving the square after his attempted rape against her.

With Roxy gone, Ronnie invites Honey Mitchell and her children Janet and William to move in. Phil also moves in after being kicked out of his house by Sharon and Ben. Later, Honey and her children move in with Billy Mitchell, and Ronnie kicks out Phil due to his alcoholism. When Sharon and Phil agree to divorce, Ronnie invites Sharon and Denny to stay with her, as well as inviting Jack Branning and Amy to move in.

Then in June 2016, Ronnie's deceased daughter's adoptive brother Andy Flynn who was working for Jack moved in as a tenant, but the later left Walford and moved out, soon after that Jack's son Ricky Mitchell moved in after his mother Sam Mitchell left him in custody of Jack and Ronnie and left Walford.

After the death of Ronnie and Roxy, Jack and Glenda live in the house and both look after Amy, Ricky and Matthew- as well as Max Branning moves in. Jack, as Ronnie's husband (of only a few hours), takes ownership of the house. After the inquest of Ronnie & Roxy, Jack returns home furious as he blames Roxy for Ronnie's death, after finding out she was using cocaine before her death. When he returns home and find that Glenda has let Amy get her ears pierced, he gets angry and blames her for letting Roxy taking the drugs and causing Ronnie's death and throws Glenda out. Matthew's father, Charlie Cotton Jr, comes to Walford and takes his son home with him to Ireland.

On their return to Walford, Max Branning and Rainie Branning lived with Jack and the children whilst trying to gain custody of his grandaughter Abi Branning Jr. The relationship fails and Rainie moves in with Stuart Highway above the undertakers'. Max has an affair with Linda which ended at Christmas 2020; he leaves the country taking Abi with him.

Jack continues to live in the house with his children Amy and Ricky. He begins a relationship with Denise Fox and they married on Christmas Day 2021. In December 2023, Sam Mitchell began staying there, and Denise makes Jack choose between her and Sam, and Jack chooses Denise, and Sam moves over to 55 Victoria Road.





There Have been 2 Deaths, at this house.

  • In 2008, May Wright aka Mad May exploded the house, killing herself after trying to take Summer off Dawn Swann.
  • In 2013, Janine stabbed Michael once and Alice also stabbed him once. Michael was pronounced dead at the scene which was in the Kitchen of the house.

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