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23 Albert Square consists of 2 flats: 23A and 23B. 23A (downstairs) and 23B (upstairs) are both currently empty and unoccupied.


23 Albert Square is where Reg Cox is found dead in the opening scene of the very first episode in 1985. The house during this era was owned by the council and was split into two flats with one shared communal bathroom. Reg had been living in the upstairs flat whilst downstairs was Ali & Sue Osman's flat. Following Reg's death, his flat was taken over by Mary Smith and her baby Annie Smith.

In March 1986 Dot Cotton gets a transfer from her high rise block on the estate into the downstairs flat at No. 23 (after Sue & Ali Osman moved out to 47B Albert Square). Dot lives there until May 1987 when she swaps with Tom Clements, who was living next door at No. 25. Tom lives in the downstairs flat at No. 23 until his death in April 1988.

In 1988 Rod Norman squats in ones of the flats, but gets evicted by September.

In 1990 Mo Butcher lives in the downstairs flat, accidentally setting fire to it in October 1990.

In early 1992 Ricky Butcher and Sam Mitchell squat in the downstairs flat, to the disgruntlement of a few of their friends and family.

In 1997 Dot Branning returned to Walford after 4 years away and moved into the upstairs flat but only stayed a short while before leaving the square.

In 1998, Stan Turrell was known to live at this property with his dog, Rocky. It's not revealed which flat he resided at.

In the year 2000, the two flats were made back into one home and the Slater family moved in (Charlie, Kat, Lynne, Little Mo, Zoe, and grandmother Mo Harris). Zoe's friend Kelly Taylor has also lived in this property. Little Mo set fire to the house accidentally when standing up to Trevor Morgan and resulted in his death and a fireman named Tom Banks.

The summer of 2004 saw the departure of Lynne. Later that year, Stacey Slater arrives and moves in. When Zoe's and Kat moved abroad there was more space available as there was only Charlie, Little Mo, Freddie, Mo and Stacey left living there. Stacey invited her best friend Ruby Allen to move in, after her dad Johnny Allen was sent to prison for multiple counts of murder.

Little Mo moved away to Barnstaple where she became a manager of a cafe in 2006. She also had run ins with social services after Freddie had an accident. Big Mo, Charlie, Stacey and Ruby continue to live there. Stacey's older brother Sean moved in with them, but Stacey, Sean and Ruby all moved out to live at No. 41 along with Bradley Branning . However, Sean and Ruby split up, and Ruby put the house up for sale, meaning Stacey and Sean moved back to no. 23.

Stacey moves out briefly after she marries Bradley, but moves back in after her affair with his father Max is revealed. Jean Slater , Stacey and Sean's mother, comes to live at the Slater house permanently. Stacey considers movin out with her boyfriend Steven Beale , but they break up after she finds out he kissed Christian Clarke . Sean marries Roxy Mitchell and moves in with her. Stacey moves out yet again to live with Bradley when they get back together, and Danielle Jones moves in as the Slaters' lodger. Stacey moves back in after her and Bradley split again. 

Danielle dies, and Stacey briefly leaves the house and disappears for a few weeks, after Jean realises she has bipolar disorder. Stacey is sent to hospital for six weeks in October 2009. When she returns, her and Bradley get back together and he moves in with her. Stacey's friend from the hospital Becca Swanson also moved in with them in 2010. Bradley dies in February 2010.

Stacey runs away and returns to no. 23 in March 2010. In June, she gives birth to her daughter Lily . At the beginning of September, Jean kicks Becca out. Kat and Alfie Moon return and Alfie buys the Vic, relocating the entire Slater family.

Charlie left to live with Lynne in 2011.

Between 2010 and 2013, the Slaters moved to the Queen Vic and rented out Number 23 to a number of residents, including Derek Branning. From Christmas 2013 to September 2014, Kat, her husband Alfie Moon, their son Tommy Moon and Great grandmother Mo Harris moved back to Number 23.

When Alfie burns down the house in a failed Insurance Fraud Scam, the family are left homeless. While hiding from the police, Nick Cotton takes refuge in the burnt house. After taking a bad batch of Heroin, he dies in the same room in which he killed Reg Cox 30 years before.

In July 2015, the house is renovated and turned back into two separate flats. Once the renovation works are complete Buster Briggs, his long-term partner Shirley Carter and their son Dean Wicks move into 23B, Dean's partner Roxy Mitchell and her daughter Amy also move in with Dean. Dean is arrested, so Roxy and Amy move out. Buster leaves soon after and Shirley invites Sylvie and Tina to live with her.

In 2017, when Walford Towers is earmarked for demolition, Karen Taylor and her children, Keanu, Bernie, Keegan, Riley, and Chatham move into 23B, much to the disapproval of existing Albert Square residents. A few days later, Ted Murray and his wife Joyce move into 23A. Joyce dies in April 2018. Ted moved in with Patrick and Denise as he felt that his flat didn't feel the same since returning from his holiday.

In January 2019, Keegan's father Mitch Baker returns and moves into 23A. Later on in the year, his ex, Dinah Wilson, who suffers from MS, is asked to move in with her daughter - Bailey Baker - so that the Taylors can look after her to save Bailey from doing it. On 17 May 2019, Dinah took her own life leaving Mitch and Bailey as the only residents living in 23A.

Mitch and Bailey move upstairs with the Taylors after Dinah's death. In 2019, Keanu moves out to live with his pregnant girlfriend, Louise Mitchell.

After Tiffany and Keegan Butcher Baker get married, Keegan moves out, however they later move into 23A together. In April 2020, the council find out that Ted has been subletting the flat to Keegan and Tiffany. It is repossessed and they are evicted. Tiffany and Keegan move into 5B Albert Square during lockdown. Chatham and Riley also move out during lockdown to go and live with their father.

When Gray Atkins is arrested in March 2022, Karen and Mitch's grandchildren, Mia Atkins and Mackenzie Atkins, move into 23B.

In July 2022, Mitch's brother, Avery Baker, temporarily moves into 23B. Avery is dying from terminal cancer, so Mitch steps up to nurse him during his final days. When Avery passes away, his sons, Felix Baker and Finlay Baker, are evicted from their apartment, leaving them with no place to stay. Although Mitch hasn't seen them in a while, he and Karen ask the boys to move into 23B with them, and both Felix and Finlay move in. The boys move out in October, as they realise they are increasing the cost of bills for the Taylors.

In December 2022, Keanu, returns to the Square and moves back into 23B with his family. He moves out when him and Sharon rekindle their relationship.

After Keanu and Karen stage Albie Watts' kidnap, Karen is exposed by Phil and ends up fleeing the Square alongside Mitch, Bailey, Mia and Mackenzie, leaving Bernadette alone in the flat. However, Bernie later moves out, as she’s unable to afford the cost of living by herself.




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23A (1985-2000)[]

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23 (2000-2015 - Whole Property)[]

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Name Year Cause
Reg Cox February 1985 Reg was the first death shown in EastEnders. He had been severely beaten by Nick Cotton and died from his injuries.
Hassan Osman June 1985 The second death in this house, Hassan sadly died in his sleep of cot-death.
Trevor Morgan &
Tom Banks
November 2002 The third and forth deaths in this house, they both died instantly after a petrol can exploded following a fire caused by Trevor.
Nick Cotton February 2015 The fifth death in this house. Nick was squatting here and accidentally overdoses on Heroin. He died in his mother Dot Cotton's arms. Martin, Kush & Stacey find him the next day.
Dinah Wilson May 2019 The sixth death in this house was Dinah Wilson, who commited suicide after being unable to cope with worsening multiple sclerosis.

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