23 Albert Square
23 Albert Square (2015)
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Address 23 Albert Square,
Walford, London,
E20 6PQ
Owned by Council
Used for Residential
Occupied by See "Residents"
Number 23 Albert Square consists of 2 flats, 23A and 23B. Mitch And Bailey Baker currently live in 23A (downstairs) while The Taylor family live in 23B (upstairs)


23 Albert Square is where Reg Cox is found dead in the opening of the very first episode in 1985. Reg had been living in the upstairs flat (The house then was split into two separate flats), with downstairs being Ali & Sue Osman's flat. Following Reg's death, his flat was taken by Mary Smith and her baby Annie Smith.

In 1997 Dot Branning returned to Walford after 4 years away and moved into the upstairs flat but only stayed a short while before leaving the square.

In the year 2000, the two flats were made back into one home and the Slater family moved in (Charlie, Kat, Lynne, Little Mo, Zoe, and grandmother Mo Harris). Zoe's friend Kelly Taylor has also lived in this property. Little Mo set fire to the house accidentally when standing up to Trevor Morgan and resulted in his death and a fireman named Tom Banks.

The summer of 2004 saw the departure of Lynne. Later that year, Stacey Slater arrives and moves in. When Zoe's and Kat moved abroad there was more space available as there was only Charlie, Little Mo, Freddie, Mo and Stacey left living there. Stacey invited her best friend Ruby Allen to move in, after her dad Johnny Allen was sent to prison for multiple counts of murder.

Little Mo moved away to Barnstaple where she became a manager of a cafe. She also had run ins with social services after Freddie had an accident. Charlie left soon after to live to live with Lynne in 2011.

Between 2010 and 2013, the Slaters moved to the Queen Vic and rented out Number 23 to a number of residents, including Derek Branning. From Christmas 2013 to September 2014, Kat, her husband Alfie Moon, their son Tommy Moon and Great grandmother Mo Harris move back to Number 23.

When Alfie burns down the house in a failed Insurance Fraud Scam, the family are left homeless. While hiding from the police, Nick Cotton takes refuge in the burnt house. After taking a bad batch of Heroin, he dies in the same room in which he killed Reg Cox 30 years before.

In July 2015, the house is renovated and turned back into two separate flats. Once the renovation works are complete Buster Briggs, his long-term partner Shirley Carter and their son Dean Wicks move into 23B, Dean's partner Roxy Mitchell and her daughter Amy also move in with Dean. Dean is arrested, so Roxy and Amy move out. Buster leaves soon after and Shirley invites Sylvie and Tina to live with her.

In 2017, when Walford Towers is earmarked for demolition, the Taylor family move into 23B, much to the disapproval of existing Albert Square residents. A few days later, Ted and Joyce Murray move into 23A.

Joyce dies in April 2018.

In May 2019, An ill Dinah Wilson Is Asked To Move In With Daughter (Bailey Baker) So That The Taylors Can Look After Her, Save Bailey Doing It. Ted Moved In With Patrick And Denise As He Felt His Flat Wasn't The Same Since Returning From His Holiday. On 17th May 2019, Dinah Took Her Own Life As She Couldn't Cope No More. Leaving Mitch And Bailey The Only Residents Currently Living In 23A

Current Residents



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  • The has been 5 deaths in this house from Reg Cox to Dinah Wilson
Name Year Cause
Reg Cox February 1985 He was the first death ever in EastEnders, he was severely beaten by Nick Cotton and died from his injuries.
Hassan Osman June 1985 was the second death in this house, he sadly dies in his sleep of cot-death.
Trevor Morgan
Tom Banks
November 2002 They were the third and forth deaths in this house, they both die instantly after a petrol can explodes following a fire caused by Trevor.
Nick Cotton February 2015.


He was the fifth death in this house, he squats here and then accidentally overdoses on Heroin, in He died in his mother Dot Cotton's arms. Martin, Kush & Stacey find him the next day.








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