1988 was EastEnders' fourth year
EastEnders Cast (1988)

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Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Den WattsLeslie GranthamFull year1043771
2Pat WicksPam St. ClementFull year9419210
3Pete BealePeter DeanFull year873395
3Michelle FowlerSusan TullyFull year8732713
4Ian BealeAdam WoodyattFull year863109
5Simon WicksNick BerryFull year832816
6Kathy BealeGillian TaylforthFull year8232610
7Dot CottonJune BrownFull year782792
8Donna LudlowMatilda ZieglerFull year759928
9Arthur FowlerBill TreacherFull year7431114
9Pauline FowlerWendy RichardFull year7432112
10Sharon WattsLetitia DeanFull year6928713
11Frank ButcherMike ReidFrom January6466 -
11Ali OsmanNejdet SalihFull year643074
12Colin RussellMichael CashmanFull year611729
13Carmel RobertsJudith JacobFull year5712118
14Guizin OsmanIshia BennisonFrom March5483 -
14James Willmott-BrownWilliam BoydeFull year5413615
15Sue OsmanSandy RatcliffFull year5227512
16Rod NormanChristopher McHallemFull year468023
17Ricky ButcherSid OwenFrom May4141 -
18Cindy WilliamsMichelle CollinsFrom May3939 -
18Darren RobertsGary McDonaldUntil July397224
19Duncan BoydDavid GillespieUntil October364433
19Chris SmithAllan O'KeefeUntil August365131
20Lou BealeAnna WingUntil July3223215
21Harold LeggLeonard FentonFull year3118022
21Mehmet OsmanHaluk BilginerFrom April319930
21Barry ClarkGary HailesUntil July311198
22Diane ButcherSophie LawrenceFrom May3030 -
22Vicki FowlerEmma Herry & Samantha Leigh MartinFull year309725
22Matthew JacksonSteven HartleyFrom May3030 -
23Ethel SkinnerGretchen FranklinFull year2822216
23Mary SmithLinda DavidsonUntil May282397
24"Little" Ali OsmanOmer Mustafa SalihFrom March2626 -
24George "Lofty" HollowayTom WattUntil April2625511
25Martin FowlerJon Peyton PriceFull year2511126
25David SamuelsChristopher ReichFrom April2525 -
26Shireen KarimNisha KapurFrom June2424 -
26Angie WattsAnita DobsonUntil May242743
27Mo ButcherEdna DoréFrom September1919 -
27Ashraf KarimAftab SachakFrom January1920 -
28Junior RobertsAaron CarringtonFull year182732
29Magda CzajkowskiKathryn ApanowiczUntil March135819
30Sohail KarimRonny JhuttiFrom June1212 -
30Aisha RobertsAisha JacobFull year122033
31Annie SmithSamantha CrownUntil May1011524
32Sufia KarimRani SinghFrom January88 -
33Tom ClementsDonald TandyUntil April77220


The Karim couple 1988

Ashraf and Sufia Karim - the new owners of the shop, 'First til Last', who came to Walford with their teenagers Shireen and Sohail.

There were big changes in EastEnders in 1988. Behind the scenes, Julia Smith took a more back-seat role as series producer, allowing Mike Gibbon as producer to take control of the day-to-day making of the programme.

On-screen, 1988 saw the end of the two-pub era as the Dagmar disappeared - in flames - in the middle of the year and was replaced by a wine bar called Strokes, operated by the local Firm of organized villains. Meanwhile, it was also all change at The Queen Vic, when Pat Wicks and the Butcher family took over the tenancy.

Four more of the originals left the programme in 1988; Mary, Lou, Lofty and Angie. Mary had been one of the most striking of the original characters, a lone mother with a small baby, who hid herself under punk makeup, was unable to read or write and was a Northerner alone in a southern city. She left Walford the way she arrived, running away from her parents. Lou was frequently ill during 1988, and after a rest, in Leigh-on-Sea she returned to Walford in July in time to die. Lofty, heart-broken after Michelle aborted their child, moved on to become a handyman in a children's home and Angie found new love in the arms of Sonny and left England to run a bar in Spain.

The Jacksons and Roberts family at London Zoo in 1988

A day out at the zoo for Matthew, Carmel and her nephew and niece Junior and Aisha. (13 September 1988)

Other exits during the year included poor old Tom Clements, potman and gardener, who died after suffering a stroke in The Queen Vic. Barry Clark left Walford to work on a cruise ship and Chris Smith left after his company ran into financial problems and had to be bought out by Walford Investments, the Firm's money-lending arm. Magda Czajkowski, let down by Wicksy and Den, took her Symphony Foods catering business to pastures new and Darren, proving that discretion is the better part of valour, did a runner when his various activities got a little too hot to handle.

Among the visitors were Kenny Beale and his daughter Elizabeth from New Zealand, who arrived in the spring. Also making an appearance was Brian Wicks, Pat's other ex-husband and, according to Pat in the middle of the year, the real father of Simon. New youngsters in this year included Sohail and Shireen Karim, Ricky and Diane Butcher, and Junior's little girlfriend Melody. A major batch of new characters was needed for the Den/prison storyline. In Walford these included Joanne, the manager of Strokes; Mr Mantel of Walford Investments; Brad, the Firm's local thug (who had appeared before but never so often as during this storyline); and Det. Insp. Ashley who joined Walford C.I.D. determined to close down the Firm. Inside Dickens Hill, Den was joined by prison officers Crane and Stone, and fellow prisoners Barnsey, Queenie, Vic and Brownlow, and the more familiar faces of Johnny Harris and Nick Cotton.

Back in Walford, the Butcher family was completed by the arrival of Frank's mother Mo Butcher, and Carmel gained a new partner, a white man called Matthew Jackson. Perhaps the most important character for the future had a very low-key entrance, appearing as another market-trader at first but quickly becoming involved with both Wicksy and Ian. This was Cindy Williams, who initially appeared helping her mother run a hat stall in Turpin Road.

Civvy Street

EastEnders CivvyStreet

Although not an episode of EastEnders, special mention should be made of the extra Christmas episode screened this year. It was a one-off programme called CivvyStreet which told the story of the Square during the Second World War. Written by Tony Holland and directed by Julia Smith, this special episode filled in some of the backgrounds to the EastEnders characters and was a fascinating experiment.

It was not the easiest of projects to write, however - Tony Holland was most upset to discover that Dot had been too young during the war to be featured as a useful character and also complained that the major events of the war occurred in the wrong order for effective drama!

Viewing figures

1988 viewing figures

In September, the regular time slot of 7:30 p.m. for the show's telecast was replaced due to the 1988 Summer Olympics, and the time slot was shifted to 8:00 p.m. this befell from Episode 378 (20 September 1988) to Episode 381 (29 September 1988).

Nevertheless, the fundamental ratings for the show were very reasonable. The weakest score was 12.60 million on Episode 350 (14 June 1988), but the show soon struck its self back up when the ratings increased to 15.85 million in the following episode. The highest record was 24.15 million which was on Episode 305 (7 January 1988), the second episode to be transmitted this year. Aside from these two ratings, the show was reasonably well situated between the figures of 15 million and 21 million throughout the rest of the year.

Duff Duff Count

  • Please note: We have calculated the Duff Duffs based on which character/s appeared at the end of an episode in frame.
Character Solo Group Total Julia's Theme
Den Watts 21 2 23 No
Michelle Fowler 7 4 11 No
Pat Wicks 6 2 8 No
Kathy Beale 6 1 7 No
Pete Beale 5 1 6 No
Ian Beale 1 4 5 No
Dot Cotton 2 3 5 No
Donna Ludlow 4 1 5 No
Pauline Fowler 4 1 5 No
Mary Smith 3 2 5 No
Carmel Roberts 1 3 4 No
Sharon Watts 1 3 4 No
Non Character 4 0 4 No
Arthur Fowler 1 2 3 No
David Samuels 2 1 3 No
Mags Czajkowski 2 1 3 No
Matthew Jackson 0 3 3 No
Simon Wicks 2 1 3 No
Angie Watts 0 2 2 No
James Willmott-Brown 1 1 2 No
Joanne Francis 2 0 2 No
Lofty Holloway 1 1 2 No
Colin Russell 1 0 1 No
D.S. West 1 0 1 No
Darren Roberts 1 0 1 No
Gregory Mantel 1 0 1 No
Kenny Beale 1 0 1 No
Police Officer (Uncredited) 1 0 1 No
Ricky Butcher 1 0 1 No
Rod Norman 1 1 2 No
Shireen Karim 1 0 1 No
Edie Smith 0 1 1 No
Chris Smith   0 1 1 No
Ethel Skinner   0 1 1 No
Frank Butcher   0 1 1 No
Cindy Beale 0 1 1 No
Annie Smith 0 1 1 No
Charlie Cotton 0 1 1 No
Multiple characters 0 1 1 No


# Ep.
Date Director Writer Duff Duff Viewers (millions)
304 1 5 January 1988 William Slater Bill Lyons Michelle Fowler 23.10
305 2 7 January 1988 William Slater Liane Aukin Den Watts 24.15
306 3 12 January 1988 Anthony Garrick Gilly Fraser Michelle Fowler 23.55
307 4 14 January 1988 Anthony Garrick Michael Robartes Michelle Fowler 23.95
308 5 19 January 1988 Tom Kingdon Charlie Humphreys Michelle Fowler 24.95
309 6 21 January 1988 Tom Kingdon Tony McHale Lofty Holloway
Michelle Fowler
(No duff Duff sound)
310 7 26 January 1988 William Slater Jane Hollowood Den Watts 23.95
311 8 28 January 1988 William Slater Bill Lyons Den Watts 23.40
312 9 2 February 1988 Tom Kingdon Charlie Humphreys Pauline Fowler 23.50
313 10 4 February 1988 Tom Kingdon Liane Aukin Michelle Fowler 23.55
314 11 9 February 1988 Mike Gibbon Tony McHale Arthur Fowler 24.35
315 12 11 February 1988 Mike Gibbon Rosemary Mason Simon Wicks 23.35
316 13 16 February 1988 William Slater Michael Robartes Simon Wicks 22.20
317 14 18 February 1988 William Slater Gilly Fraser Mags Czajkowski 22.85
318 15 23 February 1988 Tony Virgo Charlie Humphreys Kenny Beale 22.75
319 16 25 February 1988 Tony Virgo Tony McHale Den Watts 24.05
320 17 1 March 1988 Chris Clough Tony McHale Non character,
Bridge Street
321 18 3 March 1988 Chris Clough Bill Lyons Den Watts 23.80
322 19 8 March 1988 Peter Edwards Gilly Fraser Mary Smith 21.60
323 20 10 March 1988 Peter Edwards Jane Hollowood Rod Norman 22.85
324 21 15 March 1988 Steve Goldie Rosemary Mason Mary Smith 21.10
325 22 17 March 1988 Steve Goldie Michael Robartes Edie Smith
Mary Smith
Chris Smith
326 23 22 March 1988 Chris Clough Charlie Humphreys Dot Cotton 21.30
327 24 24 March 1988 Chris Clough John Maynard Non character,
Bridge Street
328 25 29 March 1988 Peter Edwards Liane Aukin Multiple characters 19.40
329 26 31 March 1988 Peter Edwards Gillian Richmond Mags Czajkowski drives away 18.85
330 27 5 April 1988 Steve Goldie Rosemary Mason Frank Butcher
Angie Watts
Pat Wicks
331 28 7 April 1988 Steve Goldie Michael Robartes Mary Smith 18.95
332 29 12 April 1988 Chris Clough Juliet Ace Donna Ludlow 16.60
333 30 14 April 1988 Chris Clough Tony McHale Donna Ludlow 17.10
334 31 19 April 1988 Peter Edwards Tony McHale Lofty Holloway walks away 16.20
335 32 21 April 1988 Peter Edwards Gilly Fraser Angie Watts
Dot Cotton
336 33 26 April 1988 Steve Goldie Susan Boyd Den Watts 17.65
337 34 28 April 1988 Steve Goldie Charlie Humphreys David Samuels 18.15
338 35 3 May 1988 Mervyn Cumming Michael Robartes Den Watts 18.00
339 36 5 May 1988 Mervyn Cumming Rosemary Mason Den Watts 17.25
340 37 10 May 1988 Chris Lovett Bill Lyons Den Watts 14.75
341 38 12 May 1988 Chris Lovett Gilly Fraser Den Watts 15.40
342 39 17 May 1988 Jeremy Ancock Juliet Ace Kathy Beale 15.20
343 40 19 May 1988 Jeremy Ancock Jane Hollowood Den Watts
Sharon Watts
344 41 24 May 1988 Mervyn Cumming Jane Hollowood Den Watts
Sharon Watts
345 42 26 May 1988 Mervyn Cumming Tony McHale Mary Smith and Annie Smith leave on a bus. 16.70
346 43 31 May 1988 Chris Lovett Susan Boyd Peter Beale 15.55
347 44 2 June 1988 Chris Lovett Charlie Humphreys Peter Beale 16.15
348 45 7 June 1988 Jeremy Ancock Gilly Fraser Donna Ludlow 12.70
349 46 9 June 1988 Jeremy Ancock Michael Robartes Darren Roberts 15.40
350 47 14 June 1988 Mervyn Cumming Mark Wheatley Michelle Fowler 12.60
351 48 16 June 1988 Mervyn Cumming Rob Gittins Donna Ludlow 15.85
352 49 21 June 1988 Chris Lovett Tony McHale Den Watts 15.65
353 50 23 June 1988 Chris Lovett Gerry Huxham Den Watts 15.35
354 51 28 June 1988 Jeremy Ancock Juliet Ace Pat Wicks 14.70
355 52 30 June 1988 Jeremy Ancock Susan Boyd Ian Beale 15.95
356 53 5 July 1988 Nicholas Prosser Gilly Fraser Ian Beale
James Willmott-Brown
357 54 7 July 1988 Nicholas Prosser Tony McHale Kathy Beale 16.80
358 55 12 July 1988 Garth Tucker Tony McHale Den Watts 18.25
359 56 14 July 1988 Garth Tucker Tony McHale James Willmott-Brown 19.45
360 57 19 July 1988 Nicholas Prosser Jane Hollowood Kathy Beale
(No duff Duff sound)
361 58 21 July 1988 Julia Smith Tony Holland Pat Wicks 19.00
362 59 26 July 1988 Julia Smith Tony Holland Michelle Fowler
Pauline Fowler
Arthur Fowler
Ian Beale
Kathy Beale
Pete Beale
363 60 28 July 1988 Julia Smith Tony Holland Pete Beale 18.70
364 61 2 August 1988 Nicholas Prosser John Lewis Den Watts 14.65
365 62 4 August 1988 Garth Tucker Michael Robartes Den Watts 15.05
366 63 9 August 1988 Garth Tucker Jane Hollowood Den Watts 15.15
367 64 11 August 1988 Anthony Garrick Gerry Huxham Den Watts 17.85
368 65 16 August 1988 Anthony Garrick Bill Lyons Den Watts 15.15
369 66 18 August 1988 Nicholas Prosser Liane Aukin Colin Russell 18.55
370 67 23 August 1988 Nicholas Prosser Tony McHale Sharon Watts
Peter Beale
Ian Beale
Michelle Fowler
Arthur Fowler
Charlie Cotton
Dot Cotton
371 68 25 August 1988 Garth Tucker Tony Holland Dot Cotton 17.05
372 69 30 August 1988 Garth Tucker John Drew Joanne Francis 16.25
373 70 1 September 1988 Philip Draycott Susan Boyd Pat Wicks 18.70
374 71 6 September 1988 Philip Draycott Charlie Humphreys Den Watts 16.15
375 72 8 September 1988 Peter Edwards Bill Lyons Den Watts 17.05
376 73 13 September 1988 Peter Edwards Bill Lyons Den Watts 16.05
377 74 15 September 1988 Julia Smith John Maynard Matthew Jackson
Carmel Roberts
378 75 20 September 1988 William Slater Jane Galletly Dr. David Samuels 15.95
379 76 22 September 1988 William Slater Charlie Humphreys Pat Wicks 18.70
380 77 27 September 1988 Frank Cox Susan Boyd Peter Beale 15.65
381 78 29 September 1988 Frank Cox Jane Hollowood Sharon Watts 17.90
382 79 4 October 1988 Steve Goldie Bill Lyons Pauline Fowler 18.20
383 80 6 October 1988 Steve Goldie Tony Holland Sharon Watts
Pat Wicks
384 81 11 October 1988 William Slater Gilly Fraser Pauline Fowler 18.00
385 82 13 October 1988 William Slater Rob Gittins Ian Beale
Cindy Beale
Simon Wicks
386 83 18 October 1988 Frank Cox Charlie Humphreys Pat Wicks 18.15
387 84 20 October 1988 Frank Cox Jane Hollowood Michelle Fowler 19.50
388 85 25 October 1988 Steve Goldie Michael Robartes D.S. West 18.95
389 86 27 October 1988 Steve Goldie David Ashton Gregory Mantel 19.30
390 87 1 November 1988 William Slater Gilly Fraser Kathy Beale 19.45
391 88 3 November 1988 William Slater Gerry Huxham Ethel Skinner
Dot Cotton
392 89 8 November 1988 Frank Cox Bill Lyons Non Character, blanket 19.70
393 90 10 November 1988 Frank Cox Mark Thomas Kathy Beale 20.30
394 91 15 November 1988 Steve Goldie John Drew Carmel Roberts 19.20
395 92 17 November 1988 Steve Goldie Charlie Humphreys Pat Wicks 20.45
396 93 22 November 1988 Jeremy Silberston Michael Robartes Carmel Roberts
Matthew Jackson
397 94 24 November 1988 Jeremy Silberston Jane Hollowood Matthew Jackson
Carmel Roberts
398 95 29 November 1988 Mervyn Cumming Gilly Fraser Donna Ludlow
Rod Norman
399 96 1 December 1988 Mervyn Cumming Rob Gittins Shireen Karim 21.90
400 97 6 December 1988 Philip Draycott Gerry Huxham Joanne Francis 20.55
401 98 8 December 1988 Philip Draycott Gillian Richmond Pauline Fowler 21.55
402 99 13 December 1988 Philip Draycott Liane Aukin Police Officer (Uncredited) 19.80
403 100 15 December 1988 Philip Draycott Bill Lyons David Samuels
Michelle Fowler
404 101 20 December 1988 Mervyn Cumming Juliet Ace Kathy Beale 19.35
405 102 22 December 1988 Julia Smith Tony Holland Non character,
broken pocket watch
406 103 27 December 1988 Jeremy Silberston Charlie Humphreys Ricky Butcher 19.10
407 104 29 December 1988 Jeremy Silberston Michael Robartes Pete Beale 21.10


# Ep.
Title Director Writer Duff Duff Viewers (millions)
——— ——— CivvyStreet
26 December 1988
Julia Smith Tony Holland ——— 7



Lofty attacks Michelle

Lofty attacks Michelle, after finding out she aborted their baby.

  • Angie Watts is rushed to the hospital, seriously ill with kidney failure.
  • Lofty's joy at Michelle's pregnancy soon changes to despair when she has an abortion, paid for by Den. He calls her a murderer and throws her belongings out of their flat.
  • Later Pauline confronts Den, who admits he is Vicki's father.
  • It's a month of comings and goings: the Karim family take over the foodstore; Ethel moves into sheltered housing; Barry leaves Colin; Frank Butcher visits Pat, his old flame; Kenny Beale, older brother of Pauline and Pete, is due home from New Zealand.


The long awaited showdown between Pat, Kenny and Pete

The long-awaited showdown between Pat Wicks and Kenny and Pete Beale.

  • Kenny Beale arrives with his daughter, Elizabeth, to a series of rows over Simon Wicks' parentage. Pat Wicks, urged by Lou to come clean, will only tell Pete and Kenny that they were both useless in bed. Den wonders if he came up in the conversation.
  • Barry and Ian become partners in running a disco at the Community Centre, using equipment hired through Darren.
  • Sue is panicking about her unborn child's health and Carmel has to reassure her.
  • Kathy learns that Donna has been ringing her at the Samaritans.


  • On his eighteenth birthday, Ian kisses Elizabeth.
  • Den finally runs out of excuses for not visiting Angie in hospital. They talk about starting again in a new pub, but first, she takes a holiday to Spain.
  • Frank and Pat ask about taking over The Vic.
  • Dot searching for Tom, takes a peep at Darren's 'Cultural Night' at the Community Centre. She faints at finding it's a porn video show and a strip-tease act.
  • Mags drives out of Albert Square, disillusioned.
  • Kathy is asked to leave the Samaritans but is offered work at The Dagmar.
  • Sue goes into labour, with Lofty and Pauline acting as midwives; baby Ali is born.


  • Donna, flirting with Ian but keener on Wicksy, reveals to Kathy that she is her daughter. Kathy can't feel pleased.
  • Angie reveals that she had an affair with a man named Sonny in Spain.
  • Sue finds that their neighbour, Alan McIntyre, has bought their flat.
  • Den is 'hired' to work for The Firm.
  • Lofty leaves the Square to become a handyman in a children's home; only Den, out walking Roly, sees him go.
  • Tom, collecting glasses at The Vic, collapses in the gents and dies.
  • Dr Legg's new partner, his nephew Dr David Samuels, examines Colin, who is increasingly concerned about his health.



The opening of the wine bar

Den enjoys his first day at the wine bar.

  • Darren offers his protection services to both Willmott-Brown and Brad, who has him beaten up.
  • Pauline tells Michelle to forget Den.
  • Den tries it on with Joanne, the manager of the wine bar. Later she puts him down firmly.
  • Frank and Pat become landlords of The Queen Vic but Pat begins to feel the strain of living with Frank's kids.
  • Kathy is pushed to tell Donna that she's the product of a rape - news which Donna passes on to Wicksy in the hope of luring him away from his new girlfriend, Cindy Williams.
  • To Ian's fury, a finance company repossesses the disco equipment he bought from Darren. Darren then disappears.


Kathy is raped

Willmott-Brown rapes Kathy.

  • While Pete is busy driving Lou to Leigh-on-Sea, Willmott-Brown pressures Kathy to stay late at his flat. Then he rapes her. Den finds her crying in a corner. Soon The Dagmar is in flames, as Den watches the results of his handiwork. The police get called, and Willmott-Brown gets charged with rape. He claims Kathy consented.
  • Arthur is sacked by the Karims.
  • Cindy and Wicksy spend a night together.
  • Barry leaves Walford to work as a DJ in a disco.
  • Lou summons the family and distributes advice and 'treasures'. That night she dies in her sleep. Later Pete toasts 'that bloody old bag' in The Vic.


  • Ethel and Benny Bloom are courting.
  • Dot tries to stop smoking. However, the strain of hosting Sunday lunch for the Fowlers, and Charlie's theft of her holiday money, drive her into lighting up again.
  • Ian passes his catering exams then starts work in Ali's café.
  • Frank takes Wicksy on as a barman but Donna is sacked after a brawl with Cindy.
  • Den is asked by The Firm to take the rap and go to jail for The Dagmar fire, so he decides to go on the run. He leaves money and 'insurance' statements with Pat.
  • Joanne blackmails Rod into tipping off the police that Den is leaving.



  • Dot takes over the Square's Neighbourhood Watch scheme.
  • Colin meets Guido Smith at the wine bar.
  • Cindy, upset at spotting Wicksy with another girl, busies herself in helping Ian with catering jobs. At Pauline's, where the two boys are lodging, they fight over Cindy.
  • Michelle, working at Dr Legg's surgery, becomes close to David.
  • Pauline despairs as her home is turned into a tip by Ian and Wicksy.
  • Ricky makes an unsuccessful play for Shireen when she babysits Vicki.
  • Den is suspected of 'grassing' in jail.


  • Kathy and Pete return from a holiday and she tells him she won't sleep with him any more.
  • In Pat's absence, Mo causes havoc by rearranging things at The Vic.
  • Ricky is paid to tidy up for Ian and Wicksy at the Fowlers' until Arthur finds out.
  • Sohail Karim is keen on Diane Butcher but she isn't interested.
  • Den is beaten up in his cell and Sharon winces at the sight of his bruises when she visits him.
  • Pat informs Joanne that Den has not told the police about The Firm.
  • Vic, a fellow prisoner, is tested for Aids.
  • Rod rails Donna for taking heroin; she shrugs it off.
  • Carmel and Matthew decide to get married.


  • Ian drops Donna as a waitress when Rod tells him of her addiction.
  • Ali and Mehmet, trying to run Ozcabs together, run up gambling debts in the wine bar. Ian loans them some money.
  • Guido moves in with Colin.
  • Shireen's father, angry at her having been alone with Ricky, asks Dr Legg to check that she's still a virgin, but he refuses.
  • Pete is caught and charged with drinking and driving.
  • Donna invites Ali to the squat for sex, only to blackmail him later.
  • Ian and Michelle plan to work on Christmas Day, which wrecks the family celebrations.
  • Nick Cotton moves into Den's cell and confesses that he was the one who killed Reg Cox.

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