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1987 was EastEnders' third year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Den Watts Leslie Grantham Full year 96 275 2
2 Ali Osman Nejdet Salih 86 244 10
Dot Cotton June Brown 200 14
3 Angie Watts Anita Dobson 85 250 7
4 Pete Beale Peter Dean 79 251 5
5 Simon 'Wicksy' Wicks Nick Berry 78 197 1
6 Mary Smith Linda Davidson 77 209 16
Barry Clark Gary Hailes 89 31
7 Kathy Beale Gillian Taylforth 75 243 4
Colin Russell Michael Cashman 108 24
8 George 'Lofty' Holloway Tom Watt 74 231 7
9 Pat Wicks Pam St. Clement 73 95 28
Sue Osman Sandy Ratcliff 224 11
10 Pauline Fowler Wendy Richard 72 248 3
Ian Beale Adam Woodyatt 218 12
11 Sharon Watts Letitia Dean 70 218 9
12 Michelle Holloway Susan Tully 67 235 6
13 James Willmott-Brown William Boyde 60 83 27
14 Lou Beale Anna Wing 59 200 16
15 Arthur Fowler Bill Treacher 58 236 3
16 Ethel Skinner Gretchen Franklin 56 192 17
17 Naima Jeffery Shreela Ghosh Until November 52 165 15
Carmel Roberts Judith Jacob Full year 66 30
18 Magda 'Mags' Czajkowski Kathryn Apanowicz From May 45 -
19 Tom Clements Donald Tandy Full year 44 66 29
Doctor Jaggat Singh Amerjit Deu Until December 45 36
20 Kelvin Carpenter Paul J. Medford Until September 37 193 8
21 Doctor Harold Legg Leonard Fenton Full year 35 145 19
22 Rod Norman Christopher McHallem From July 33 -
Darren Roberts Gary McDonald
Annie Smith Samantha Crown January to May & November onwards 33 101 23
23 Tony Carpenter Oscar James Until May 30 178 13
24 Martin Fowler Jon Peyton Price Full year 26 86 22
25 Debbie Wilkins Shirley Cheriton Until May 25 173 13
Donna Ludlow Matilda Ziegler From August 25 -
26 Vicki Fowler Emma Herry Full year 24 57 24
Guizin Osman Ishia Bennison From February 29 35
27 Nick Cotton John Altman February - March & October - November 21 63 34
28 Charlie Cotton Christopher Hancock October - December 19 27 33
29 Jan Hammond Jane How Until May 18 42 26
30 Mehmet Osman Haluk Bilginer January - February, May & November - December 15 66 20
31 Chris Smith Allan O'Keefe From March 10 15 -
32 Junior Roberts Aaron Carrington From July 9
33 Hannah Carpenter Sally Sagoe Until February 8 64 21
Aisha Roberts Aisha Jacob From August 8 -
Duncan Boyd David Gillespie From October
34 Mark Fowler David Scarboro February, April & December 3 22 32
35 Frank Butcher Mike Reid September 2 -
36 Ashraf Karim Tony Wredden July 1


Angie and Willmott-Brown.jpg

After the dramatic break-up of Den and Angie's marriage at the end of the previous year, the problem facing the EastEnders team for 1987 was simple - how to keep the Den and Angie story going despite the couple being separated. The solution was to make the pair professional rivals and the year became dominated by the tale of two pubs; The Queen Vic and the Dagmar.


This year also saw the most ambitious attempt yet to make EastEnders feel contemporary. References to current events such as the Boat Show or Wimbledon are used to make the programme feel up to date, but these are always very general since the programme is recorded five or six weeks before transmission. When the General Election was announced in 1987, it was felt that it would be too big a national event for the programme to ignore. The problem was that the date of the election, 11 June, was only announced early in May. At that time the programmes for early June had already been made.

A cunning plan was developed by Julia Smith and Tony Holland. First, they cut five minutes of material from each of the four episodes in the two weeks leading up to the election. These were then replaced with specially recorded election material which was shot by Julia Smith over two extra lot recording days. Some of this material was entirely new, such as representatives of each of the three major parties calling on an unimpressed Lou Beale, while other scenes were reworkings of the original scenes with added election material.

Great care had to be taken to be even-handed in the treatment of each of the parties. Finally, a quick scene was recorded on the day after the election to reflect the result. The scene was then edited into the programme over the weekend and appeared on the following Tuesday. It was complicated, difficult, last-minute operation but it did work. Nevertheless, at the next election in 1992, it was not repeated to the same extent.

Comings 'n' Goings

Dot Cotton, Ethel Skinner and Pauline Fowler on day out (8 September 1987).jpg

In 1987, more and more characters came and went, including four originals. The first of the originals to go was Tony Carpenter. His dream of a possible permanent reconciliation with Hannah dashed, Tony had briefly returned to his old trade as a silversmith, only to find his honesty compromised when he bought some dodgy silver from Nick Cotton. Finally Tony decided to return his roots and bought himself a ticket to Trinidad.

Later in the year Kelvin also moved on, leaving Walford to begin a university course in East Anglia. As is often the case, Kelvin's final appearances were lot scenes. This is because the lot recording for each week's episodes happens typically two weeks before the studio recording of the same episodes. This enables an actor to appear in two weeks' worth of episodes 'lot only' at the end of their contract. So that is the real explanation for Kelvin shunning his leaving party - when the party was recorded Paul Medford was already out of contract! Paul, who had always entertained an ambition to be a singer/dancer, later enjoyed a long stage run in the hit show Five Guys Named Moe.

Debbie Wilkins finally left the Square in May, finding new happiness in the arms of a policeman, but this was Terry Rich rather than Roy Quick as might have been expected. Naima also left to remarry in November. A slightly less happy exit was the death of Lofty's Auntie Irene, who finally succumbed to cancer which had been killing her slowly for years.

Of course, there were also new faces to get to know. There were a number of new children - Mehmet's three kids, Emine, Rayif and Murat, appeared in February complete with pet snake Crush who promptly escaped, causing panic. Emine later got hurt by a thrown firework in the week of 5 November. Willmott-Brown brought his kids Luke and Sophie to visit Walford in March, and Carmel's life was complicated by the arrival of her brother Darren Roberts, who came complete with his children Junior and baby Aisha. Darren joined the programme at the same time as Rod the Roadie and Barry Clark's brother Graham, in a sudden influx of young men to the Square. Gary Webster, who played Graham, is now better known for his portrayal as Arthur Daley's nephew in Minder.

At the same time as these new young men appeared there was a similar batch of new young women. Tina was the young girlfriend of Ian, and she moved in with him in the basement of number 3 until her parents terminated both the arrangement and the relationship. The new woman in Den's life was Magda Czajkowski, a caterer who inspired Ian and later became involved with Wicksy. Donna was the child Kathy had given birth to after her traumatic rape at the age of fourteen. Donna's appearance had been primed by the visit of her godmother earlier in the year. The godmother, June Watkins, had told Kathy that her daughter wanted to make contact but Kathy refused to see her. Donna's entrance was planned very carefully so as not to give away her secret too quickly. We established her as a compulsive liar, telling different people different versions of her past. Even so, some quick viewers still guessed the truth.

Other visitors were less complicated. The new area manager at Luxford and Copley, Mr Sparrow, proved to be as dishonest as Den and refused to take 'No' for an answer when Den owed money. Alan McIntyre, Sue and Ali's new neighbour and landlord, was an unpleasant, anti-social man who didn't care what people thought of him while Duncan Boyd, the curate at the local church, had a simple honesty that appealed to the confused Sharon. Other new faces were Mary's mother, Edie Smith, Dagmar regular Gerry Fairweather, and Derek Taylor, who took a shine to Pauline during the Ladies Darts Team trip to Greenwich.

Frank Butcher - perhaps the most important new character of the year - only made a brief appearance in 1987. He was Pat's old flame, her first lover. Played by Mike Reid, the casting of a comedian in a dramatic role was controversial at the time, but over the years the wisdom of that decision had been proved because Frank became one of the show's most popular characters.

Viewing figures

Viewing figures 1987.jpeg

EastEnders underwent from a prominent deal of development in 1987 in the viewing totals, due to the high resolution of the Christmas Day episode in 1986 which achieved over 30 million viewers, the stimulating work certainly didn't crawl away instantly. Although the numbers steadily dropped by each month, it most surely picked its self back up towards the end of the year.

The highest viewed episode of the year was Episode 197 (1 January 1987), just two episodes after the great successes of the Christmas day episode. The lowest seen episode of the year was Episode 248 (30 June 1987) with only 13.65 million viewers; this was a great deal of a drop for EastEnders when the average standard viewing figure was 20 million or more.

Doof Doof Count

  • Please note: We have calculated the Doof Doofs based on which character/s appeared at the end of an episode in frame.
Character Solo Group Total Julia's Theme
Den Watts 9 4 13 Yes
Angie Watts 9 3 12 Yes
Pat Wicks 5 3 8 No
Sharon Watts 5 3 8 Yes
Pete Beale 4 3 7 No
Michelle Fowler 5 2 7 Yes
Pauline Fowler 3 3 6 Yes
Simon Wicks 1 5 6 Yes
Kathy Beale 5 1 6 No
Lofty Holloway 3 2 5 No
Mary Smith 5 0 5 No
Colin Russell 4 1 5 No
Dot Cotton 2 3 5 Yes
Sue Osman 2 3 5 Yes
Lou Beale 2 1 3 No
Mags Czajkowski 1 2 3 Yes
Arthur Fowler 3 0 3 Yes
Ethel Skinner 1 2 3 Yes
Carmel Roberts 1 1 2 No
Naima Jeffery 1 1 2 No
Tony Carpenter 1 1 2 No
Ali Osman 0 2 2 Yes
Annie Smith 0 2 2 No
Debbie Wilkins 0 2 2 No
Jan Hammond 0 2 2 No
James Willmott-Brown 1 0 1 No
Rod Norman 1 0 1 No
Barry Clark 0 1 1 No
Ian Beale 0 1 1 No
Charlie Cotton 0 1 1 No
Darren Roberts 0 1 1 No
Junior Roberts 0 1 1 No
Terry Rich 0 1 1 No
Duncan Boyd 0 1 1 Yes
Aunty Irene 0 1 1 No
Frank Butcher 0 1 1 No
Oxley 0 1 1 No
Roly 0 1 1 No
Farrukh Jeffery 0 1 1 No
Hannah Carpenter 0 1 1 No
Brad Williams 1 0 1 No
Donna Ludlow 1 0 1 No
Non Character 1 0 1 No
Unknown Figure 1 0 1 No


# Ep.
Date Director Writer Doof Doof Viewers (millions)
197 1 1 January 1987 Garth Tucker Charlie Humphreys Sharon Watts 28.00
198 2 6 January 1987 Tony Virgo Michael Robartes Arthur Fowler 25.10
199 3 8 January 1987 Tony Virgo Gerry Huxham Pete Beale 25.60
200 4 13 January 1987 Nicholas Prosser Bill Lyons Michelle Fowler
Pauline Fowler
201 5 15 January 1987 Nicholas Prosser Juliet Ace Tony Carpenter
Hannah Carpenter
202 6 20 January 1987 Garth Tucker Tony McHale Den Watts 24.20
203 7 22 January 1987 Garth Tucker Robin Allen Sue Osman 26.90
204 8 27 January 1987 William Slater Michael Robartes Kathy Beale 24.00
205 9 29 January 1987 William Slater Gerry Huxham Kathy Beale 24.10
206 10 3 February 1987 Chris Clough Maureen Chadwick Sue Osman 23.05
207 11 5 February 1987 Chris Clough Charlie Humphreys Angie Watts 23.80
208 12 10 February 1987 Romey Allison Tony McHale Colin Russell 23.40
209 13 12 February 1987 Romey Allison Bill Lyons Pat Wicks 23.75
210 14 17 February 1987 William Slater Jane Hollowood Jan Hammond
Den Watts
211 15 19 February 1987 William Slater Mark Wheatley Pat Wicks 24.65
212 16 24 February 1987 Chris Clough Rosemary Mason Kathy Beale 24.90
213 17 26 February 1987 Chris Clough Charlie Humphreys Den Watts 26.70
214 18 3 March 1987 Romey Allison Gilly Fraser Annie Smith
Dot Cotton
215 19 5 March 1987 Romey Allison Liane Aukin Pete Beale 25.65
216 20 10 March 1987 William Slater Michael Robartes Lou Beale 24.65
217 21 12 March 1987 William Slater Ayshe Raif Pete Beale 24.50
218 22 17 March 1987 Chris Clough Bill Lyons Lofty Holloway 23.75
219 23 19 March 1987 Chris Clough Jane Hollowood Angie Watts 23.85
220 24 24 March 1987 Romey Allison Rosemary Mason Jan Hammond
Den Watts
221 25 26 March 1987 Romey Allison Charlie Humphreys Den Watts 24.05
222 26 31 March 1987 Garth Tucker Susan Boyd Lofty Holloway
Aunty Irene
223 27 2 April 1987 Garth Tucker Tony McHale Angie Watts 24.35
224 28 7 April 1987 Tom Kingdon John Maynard Angie Watts 22.20
225 29 9 April 1987 Tom Kingdon Gilly Fraser Kathy Beale 22.05
226 30 14 April 1987 Henry Foster Bill Lyons Pete Beale
Debbie Wilkins
227 31 16 April 1987 Henry Foster Tony McHale Kathy Beale 20.35
228 32 21 April 1987 Garth Tucker Bill Lyons Sharon Watts 19.15
229 33 23 April 1987 Garth Tucker Bev Doyle Den Watts 18.80
230 34 28 April 1987 Tom Kingdon David Hopkins Sharon Watts
Simon Wicks
231 35 30 April 1987 Tom Kingdon Rosemary Mason Ethel Skinner
Annie Smith
Sue Osman
232 36 5 May 1987 Henry Foster Tony McHale Mary Smith 18.55
233 37 7 May 1987 Tony Virgo Bill Lyons Michelle Fowler
Pauline Fowler
Pete Beale
234 38 12 May 1987 Garth Tucker Gilly Fraser Mary Smith 20.70
235 39 14 May 1987 Garth Tucker Jane Hollowood Debbie Wilkins
Terry Rich
236 40 19 May 1987 Tom Kingdon Charlie Humphreys Pat Wicks 17.45
237 41 21 May 1987 Tom Kingdon Billy Hamon Den Watts 20.20
238 42 26 May 1987 Henry Foster Rosemary Mason Tony Carpenter 17.70
239 43 28 May 1987 Henry Foster Gillian Richmond Dot Cotton 18.75
240 44 2 June 1987 Romey Allison Gilly Fraser Sharon Watts 19.10
241 45 4 June 1987 Romey Allison Liane Aukin Arthur Fowler (No Doof Doof, Julia's Theme) 19.45
242 46 9 June 1987 Mike Gibbon Juliet Ace Sharon Watts 18.25
243 47 11 June 1987 Mike Gibbon Sarah Daniels Roly
Lofty Holloway
244 48 16 June 1987 Nicholas Prosser Michael Robartes Arthur Fowler 18.45
245 49 18 June 1987 Nicholas Prosser Rosemary Mason Den Watts 18.85
246 50 23 June 1987 Henry Foster Jane Hollowood Unknown figure, cutting plants outside The Dagmar 18.75
247 51 25 June 1987 Henry Foster Tony McHale Angie Watts 21.15
248 52 30 June 1987 Mike Gibbon Bill Lyons Den Watts 13.65
249 53 2 July 1987 Mike Gibbon Charlie Humphreys Ethel Skinner
Dot Cotton
(Julia's Theme)
250 54 7 July 1987 Nicholas Prosser Juliet Ace Simon Wicks 16.75
251 55 9 July 1987 Nicholas Prosser Gilly Fraser Ali Osman
Sue Osman
252 56 14 July 1987 Romey Allison Michael Robartes Simon Wicks
Farrukh Jeffery
Naima Jeffery
253 57 16 July 1987 Romey Allison Bill Lyons Den Watts 20.05
254 58 21 July 1987 Mike Gibbon Jane Hollowood Mags Czajkowski 18.45
255 59 23 July 1987 Mike Gibbon Tony McHale Barry Clark
Ian Beale
Pete Beale
Sharon Watts
256 60 28 July 1987 Nicholas Prosser Gilly Fraser Mary Smith 17.65
257 61 30 July 1987 Nicholas Prosser Bill Lyons Michelle Fowler 18.80
258 62 4 August 1987 Chris Lovett Juliet Ace Simon Wicks
Pat Wicks
259 63 6 August 1987 Chris Lovett Charlie Humphreys Pat Wicks 17.80
260 64 11 August 1987 Henry Foster Jane Hollowood Michelle Fowler 18.25
261 65 13 August 1987 Henry Foster Shirley Cooklin Michelle Fowler 17.40
262 66 18 August 1987 Tom Kingdon Tony McHale Mags Czajkowski
Simon Wicks
263 67 20 August 1987 Tom Kingdon Michael Robartes Simon Wicks
Mags Czajkowski
(Julia's Theme)
264 68 25 August 1987 Chris Lovett Bill Lyons Pete Beale 17.60
265 69 27 August 1987 Chris Lovett Charlie Humphreys Pauline Fowler
(No Doof Doof)
266 70 1 September 1987 Henry Foster Juliet Ace Colin Russell 17.95
267 71 3 September 1987 Henry Foster Gilly Fraser Non Character (TV) 17.60
268 72 8 September 1987 Tony Virgo John Maynard Pat Wicks
Frank Butcher
269 73 10 September 1987 Tony Virgo John Maynard Pat Wicks 18.35
270 74 15 September 1987 Tom Kingdon Carl Rigg Colin Russell
Kathy Beale
271 75 17 September 1987 Tom Kingdon Tony McHale Colin Russell 18.20
272 76 22 September 1987 Chris Lovett Michael Robartes Lofty Holloway 18.15
273 77 24 September 1987 Chris Lovett Jane Hollowood Michelle Fowler 19.30
274 78 29 September 1987 Henry Foster Bill Lyons Sharon Watts 19.80
275 79 1 October 1987 Henry Foster Charlie Humphreys Den Watts
Angie Watts
276 80 6 October 1987 Tom Kingdon Mark Wheatley Lou Beale 20.75
277 81 8 October 1987 Tom Kingdon Rosemary Mason Rod Norman 19.80
278 82 13 October 1987 Mervyn Cumming Jane Hollowood Mary Smith 21.00
279 83 15 October 1987 Mervyn Cumming Gilly Fraser Angie Watts 20.45
280 84 20 October 1987 Julia Smith Tony Holland Sue Osman
Ali Osman
281 85 22 October 1987 Julia Smith Tony Holland Pauline Fowler 19.85
282 86 27 October 1987 Garth Tucker Michael Robartes Charlie Cotton
Dot Cotton
283 87 29 October 1987 Garth Tucker Tony McHale Dot Cotton 21.80
284 88 3 November 1987 Steve Goldie Bill Lyons Donna Ludlow 22.85
285 89 5 November 1987 Steve Goldie Juliet Ace Angie Watts 19.95
286 90 10 November 1987 Mervyn Cumming Tony Holland Darren Roberts
Carmel Roberts
Junior Roberts
287 91 12 November 1987 Mervyn Cumming Charlie Humphreys Pauline Fowler 22.35
288 92 17 November 1987 Garth Tucker Gilly Fraser Naima Jeffery 22.85
289 93 19 November 1987 Garth Tucker Juliet Ace Lofty Holloway 22.85
290 94 24 November 1987 Steve Goldie Jane Hollowood James Willmott-Brown 22.45
291 95 26 November 1987 Steve Goldie Bill Lyons Angie Watts 22.45
292 96 1 December 1987 Mervyn Cumming Bill Lyons Brad Williams 20.80
293 97 3 December 1987 Mervyn Cumming Tony McHale Den Watts 21.55
294 98 8 December 1987 Garth Tucker Liane Aukin Carmel Roberts 21.40
295 99 10 December 1987 Garth Tucker Michael Robartes Angie Watts
Pat Wicks
296 100 15 December 1987 Steve Goldie Michael Robartes Colin Russell 20.75
297 101 17 December 1987 Steve Goldie Gilly Fraser Angie Watts 19.85
298 102 22 December 1987 Tom Kingdon Jane Hollowood Ethel Skinner 21.40
299 103 24 December 1987 Tom Kingdon Charlie Humphreys Mary Smith 23.20
300 104 25 December 1987 Matthew Robinson Jane Hollowood Pauline Fowler
Lou Beale
301 105 29 December 1987 Julia Smith Bill Lyons Duncan Boyd
Sharon Watts
302 106 31 December 1987 - Part 1 Julia Smith Jane Hollowood Angie Watts
Den Watts
303 107 31 December 1987 - Part 2 Julia Smith Jane Hollowood Michelle Fowler 19.85



Arthur's distracted and at his wits end with worry.

  • Pauline knows that Arthur, who is so distracted that he doesn't feel anything when hot tea is spilt on his lap, must go to a hospital.
  • Naima gives her cousin Rezaul, who is sent by her family to 'sort out' the shop, a chilly reception.
  • The local attacker stalks Sharon but Den rescues her.
  • Mary, still picking up men in The Vic, is beaten up but tells Sue that 'professional' girls did it to warn her off. Later she tells health visitor Carmel that a client struck her.
  • Dot reluctantly sees Dr Legg's new partner, Dr Singh, who prescribes hormone treatment for her menopausal problems.
  • Kelvin celebrates turning eighteen with a noisy party and a stripogram.
  • Mehmet swindles Kathy and Michelle out of the money for a large batch of jumpers.



  • Another woman is attacked, and again Pete has no alibi.
  • Colin is frantic when he discovers his Filofax is missing; Barry has hidden it as a joke.
  • Kathy starts training for the Samaritans.
  • Willmott-Brown says 'yes' when Angie asks for the job of manageress at The Dagmar.
  • Sharon is becoming keen on Wicksy.
  • Ian is keen on Tina.
  • Arthur, home for a break from the hospital, angers Pauline by confiding in Mary.
  • Sue finds a lump in her breast and Debs insists she goes to the clinic. Tests there show it's harmless.
  • When Dot sees Barry and Colin's single set of sheets in the laundrette, she concludes, to her horror, that they are gay!


  • Den and Jan argue. She leaves, saying she'll marry Dario.
  • Kathy refuses a request to meet her illegitimate daughter.
  • When the 'Ripper' attacks Debs in the laundrette, Pete catches him.
  • Det. Sgt Terry Rich takes statements and later asks Debs out. Soon they're engaged.
  • Sharon and Wicksy go away for a 'dirty' weekend which turns out to be very clean, although Angie and Den don't believe it; they're furious.
  • Angie wants half of everything that Den owns. This turns out to be debts, some of which are owed to Sparrow, the new man at the brewery.
  • Mary again leaves Annie, who throws a cot blanket over the electric fire and starts a blaze.


  • Mags Czajkowski gives Den catering advice and soon they're having an affair.
  • At his trial, Arthur is sentenced to twenty-eight days in prison for theft.
  • Pauline and Michelle start to pay people the money they lost through the Christmas Club.
  • Pete is fined two hundred pounds for hitting the policeman.
  • Mary's mother arrives and takes Annie back to Stockport.
  • Dot and Ethel, who have been living together, are to swap council houses with Tom. Then Ethel asks Pat to move out from Dr Legg's so she can have her old room back.
  • Michelle refuses to accept Den's money for Vicki's first birthday present. Pauline eavesdrops, and it confirms her theory that Den is Vicki's father.
  • Tony tells Kelvin he's returning to Trinidad.


No more drinking for Angie?

London in Bloom Leaflet
(16 June 1987)

  • Angie is shamed into admitting her heavy drinking after Sharon videotapes her at The Dagmar.
  • A video jukebox that Den hires attracts drugs pushers.
  • Police capture the son of a member of The Firm, the local mafia ring, for drug dealing, but The Firm force Den to frame an innocent boy instead.
  • Barry worries that his summer flu is the first symptom of Aids. He tells his brother Graham that he's gay, but it comes as no surprise.
  • Arthur, now out of prison, begins work at The Dagmar but his first wage packet is stolen; Sue has a whip-round for him.
  • Tom and Arthur, each tending pub window-boxes for London in Bloom, are again in competition. The Dagmar wins second prize.
  • Ian and Tina set up home together.


  • Den throws out an umbrella, which is one that Tom gave Dot. It costs him forty-three pounds in taxi fares for Ethel to replace it.
  • Naima's family sends another cousin, Farrukh, and she expects to dislike him but doesn't.
  • Angie and Sharon move into the flat above The Dagmar.
  • Wicksy, tired of Sharon, fancies Mags.
  • Brad tells Den he must travel to Morocco as a courier for The Firm.
  • The Vic's and The Dagmar's football teams prepare for an 'unfriendly'.
  • Sue and Ali learn they may be evicted by Saeed's cousin, Ashraf Karim because the flat is to be sold. Ali gambles the café's takings to raise the deposit but loses the money.
  • Carmel moves into one of the [[Carpenter family tree|Carpenters]' flats, helped by her brother Darren and hampered by his son Junior.


Mary Smith and her new friend Rod Norman.

  • Den sacks Wicksy for chatting up Mags. Luckily there's a job for him at The Dagmar.
  • Mags drops Den and moves into Kelvin's flat. A level results mean he'll soon be off to university.
  • Lofty talks to Michelle about their having a baby.
  • Michelle confides to Den that she's already bored with Lofty and offers to go away with him.
  • Mary's new friend Rod offers to clean her flat, so it will be suitable for Annie's return.
  • The Vic football team win only after Den insists they play dirty; Colin and Mags are shocked. On the other hand, The Vic Ladies' Darts Team wins their match in a fair fight.
  • Donna Ludlow, the secret daughter of Kathy, arrives.


  • On the Darts Team's outing to Greenwich, Pauline meets Derek Taylor, who takes a shine to her and later turns up in The Vic.
  • Pat meets her old flame, Frank Butcher, who proposes marriage.
  • Den gives Donna a job at The Vic, but when Pete questions her about her past, he's puzzled.
  • Dr Legg hires Darren to paint the surgery. Darren sub-contracts Rod but Carmel ends up paying a proper painter to do it.
  • Tina's parents find out she's living with Ian and take her home.
  • Dot, who has recently been stung on the bottom by a bee, is a success at organising Ozcabs.
  • Lofty excitedly thinks Michelle is pregnant; she's relieved to find she isn't.
  • Sharon gets Den and Angie together, and they end up in bed.


  • Mary is upset when her parents arrive without Annie.
  • Willmott-Brown is grumpily cleaning off the anti-yuppy graffiti that has been daubed on his house and The Dagmar.
  • On her eighteenth birthday, Sharon goes to church and meets a nice young man, Duncan, the curate.
  • Barry takes Donna to a disco.
  • Arthur borrows money to take Pauline on the town and spend the night in a hotel.
  • Sue tells Ali she's pregnant, and there's no mistake this time.
  • Wicksy is living with Mags, but she's having no luck in buying a place of her own.
  • Ethel foresees a dark man in Dot's life. Sadly there are two - Charlie and Nick, who meet for the first time.


  • Angie, tiring of The Dagmar, returns to The Vic where womanless Den invites her away for the weekend. Cheered by this, she plots to use Darren to make Den jealous. Darren won't play ball, and Den finds out.
  • Colin, having trouble with his design work, also has problems with jury service. Den, on Brad's orders, tries to blackmail him to acquit the defendant in a gangland trial; he refuses.
  • Ethel has another fall, and Dr Legg talks to her about sheltered housing.
  • Charlie sells Ian cheap salmon for The Vic's Bonfire Night snacks; food poisoning strikes all around.
  • Mary's father brings Annie back.


  • Darren is stashing porn videos in Carmel's flat.
  • Colin's flat is burgled but the police are more interested in his gay relationship than the crime.
  • Rezaul catches Charlie shop-lifting. Both he and Dot appear in court on the same day. After it's reported in the Gazette, Dot's agony is made worse because she's sacked from the laundrette for it.
  • Sharon asks Duncan if they can get engaged.
  • The Dagmar yuppies finally wear Angie down. She storms out and goes back to The Vic. Den and she agree to become business partners there.
  • Colin, realising it's over with Barry, sends him home to confront his father.
  • On Christmas Eve, Mary's father kidnaps Annie and crashes his car while drunk. Thankfully the child is unharmed.
  • Michelle tells Pauline she's pregnant.

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