1986 was EastEnders' second year.

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Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Simon Wicks Nick Berry Full year 98 119 20
2 Den Watts Leslie Grantham 96 179 1
3 Pauline Fowler Wendy Richard 95 176 2
Arthur Fowler Bill Treacher 178 1
4 Kathy Beale Gillian Taylforth 90 168 4
5 Pete Beale Peter Dean 89 172 1
6 Michelle Fowler/Holloway Susan Tully 88 168 3
7 Angie Watts Anita Dobson 87 165 4
George 'Lofty' Holloway Tom Watt 157 8
8 Kelvin Carpenter Paul J. Medford 85 156 7
9 Sharon Watts Letitia Dean 83 148 11
10 Ali Osman Nejdet Salih 81 158 5
11 Sue Osman Sandy Ratcliff 78 151 6
12 Ian Beale Adam Woodyatt 77 146 9
13 Tony Carpenter Oscar James 75 148 6
Debbie Wilkins Shirley Cheriton
14 Dot Cotton June Brown 74 114 16
15 Naima Jeffery Shreela Ghosh 71 113 15
16 Mary Smith Linda Davidson 68 132 12
Lou Beale Anna Wing 141 6
17 Ethel Skinner Gretchen Franklin 65 136 7
18 Andy O'Brien Ross Davidson Until August 51 118 10
19 Doctor Harold Legg Leonard Fenton Full year 49 110 14
20 Mehmet Osman Haluk Bilginer From March 48 51 26
21 Hannah Carpenter Sally Sagoe Full year 47 56 23
22 Martin Fowler Jon Peyton Price 42 60 21
23 Annie Smith Samantha Crown 40 68 18
24 Vicki Fowler Emma Herry From May 33 -
Colin Russell Michael Cashman From August -
25 Cassie Carpenter Delanie Forbes Until December 26 34 24
26 Jan Hammond Jane How From January 24 -
27 James Willmott-Brown William Boyde From March 23 -
28 Pat Wicks Pam St. Clement From June 22 -
29 Tom Clements Donald Tandy From August -
30 Carmel Roberts Judith Jacob From June 14 -
31 Barry Clark Gary Hailes From November 12 -
32 Mark Fowler David Scarboro January, March, July 8 19 21
33 Charlie Cotton Christopher Hancock March, November-December 8 -
34 Nick Cotton John Altman April-May 5 42 17
35 Guizin Osman Ishia Bennison March, May, August, October 4 5 27
36 Doctor Jaggat Singh Amerijt Deu From November 1 -

Production and Storylines 

Den and Angie.jpg

Angie and Den

The biggest story of the year, and the one that not only gripped a mass audience but also confirmed EastEnders as a series with serious dramatic potential was the ugly, protracted disintegration of Angie and Den's marriage. The year started with the warring Watts trying to make a go of things, if only for Sharon's sake - but, behind the bar-room smiles, both were up to their old tricks. Den was still seeing Jan, while Angie herself was still hitting the bottle and flirting with anything in trousers in a desperate attempt to get attention. The first crisis of the year came in March, when Angie took an overdose of sleeping pills washed down the gin and was discovered only by accident when Den returned to the Queen Vic after a row with Jan.

Jan Hammond, Den's mistress.

What started out as a cry for help almost turned into the real thing - and it didn't do poor Sharon much good when she found out that her mum was prepared to leave her in that way. Angie bounced back, pleased to have secured Den's attention for a little while, and set off on a holiday to Ibiza full of hopes for a second honeymoon. Her dreams were dashed, however, when Den left her in the lurch and returned to London for some undisturbed nookie with Jan. Angie came back to the Square determined to salvage what was left of her pride - which she did by starting an affair with the nice male nurse Andy, temporarily estranged from Debs. After this, things went from bad to worse. Den was increasingly distant and hostile; his mind, after all, was elsewhere as unknown to everyone he'd just become a father for the first time in his life. Angie drowned her sorrows in a sea of booze, prompting Dr. Legg to warn her that she was becoming a full-fledged alcoholic. Faced with the truth, she broke down in front of her shrink and confessed she was nothing but a 'clown', and that Den could never love her.

Jan, meanwhile, was losing her patience, and decided to bring matters to a head by giving Den a two-week ultimatum: leave Angie, or lose me forever. Angie knew what was coming, and used every trick in the book to avoid the confrontation - but, finally cornered by Den, she turned the tables on her philandering husband by telling him that she had a fatal illness and only six months to live. Den, revealing a rare shred of decency, realized that he could not leave a dying woman, and told Jan it was all over (it wasn't). 

The reunited couple flew to Venice for a romantic holiday - which was ruined when for reasons best known to the scriptwriters, they ran into Jan herself. Angie hit the bottle again, and in a drunken moment on the homecoming Orient Express she confessed to the barman that she'd told Den a rather large lie. And Den heard it all...

The resultant endgame lives in soap history as one of the great domestic dramas ever filmed. Den consulted a lawyer, and started hinting darkly about a special Christmas surprise. Angie, blithely unaware that her secret was out, went into a frenzy of festive preparations - only to be handed the divorce papers on Christmas Day itself.

Lofty and Michelle

Lofty, Michelle and baby Vicki.

While Den and Angie's marriage was falling to pieces, Michelle and Lofty became man and wife - but only just. A warm friendship developed into something more serious when Lofty, a chivalrous soul, decided that he wanted to take care of Michelle and her child, and proposed marriage to her. Michelle didn't say yes, but she didn't say no either; being a sensible girl, she knew it wouldn't hurt to have a man in reserve when the time came. 

Worried about her financial future, and overwhelmed at the responsibility of raising a child on her own, Michelle quickly decided that Lofty wasn't such a bad bet after all, even though she loved only one man - Den. Lofty had no idea and was walking on air for a few weeks. eagerly looking for work in order to become the Great Provider. Only his chronic asthma prevented him from becoming a traffic warden.

Michelle gave birth in May to a daughter, Vicki (she later claimed that her daughter was not named after the pub on the floor of which she was conceived). Lofty smothered mother and daughter in over-eager affection and rushed Michelle into naming the day, while the rest of the Fowler clan pressurized her into going for a big, traditional wedding with a white dress, bridesmaids (Sharon, of course) and a big reception afterward. Michelle, stunned by childbirth, was too tired to argue (much).

On the morning of the wedding, however, she heard the still, small voice of common sense whispering in her ear, and after a tense confrontation with Den, whom she still loved desperately, she realized that she couldn't go through with a wedding that would, after all, be a sham. Lofty, left at the altar, reacted by having huge asthma attacks and repeatedly listening to Wicksy's soppy Ballard 'Every Loser Wins' - could things really be that bad? 

After causing maximum pain and embarrassment to everyone, Michelle changed her mind again and sneaked off with Lofty for quick, quiet wedding away from the gaze of Walford. And so, for a while, they were Mr. and Mrs. Holloway.

Sharon and The Banned

Sharon Watts started to show signs of the diva-like behaviour that would make her one of Walford's most enduring female characters. Bruised by her parents' marital difficulties - and who wouldn't be? - she sought the approbation of peers and was a natural choice for Miss Walford 1986 when the locals staged a carnival. Sharon's pride was somewhat dented when her ceremonial throne collapsed during a test run - sabotaged, or just not strong enough for her ample figure? Undeterred, however, Sharon succumbed to the showbiz bug, possibly as a result of befriending a worldly-wise drag queen who had been briefly entertaining at the Vic earlier in the year. 

Her next attempt at fame and fortune came when the Albert Square youth formed a band - with Sharon, naturally, as the lead singer and frontwoman. This not only gave her a chance to show off; it also enabled her to play off her various male admirers, among them Ian - who, for a brief but glorious time, enjoyed the romantic attentions of the girl he'd admired for so long. At first, the band was called Dog Market, and, to nobody's surprise, they failed to set the world alight. After a change of image, they became The Banned - but, after one disastrous gig at the Vic, they realised that they were still useless and decided to call it a day. Sharon paraded around the Square telling anyone who'd listen that it was time to grow up and face their new responsibilities as school-leavers and job-seekers. 

Arthur's breakdown

Arthur happiest on his allotment

Arthur Fowler started life as the epitome of cockney decency; a good bloke who would never set the world on fire but could always be trusted to do the right thing. That went badly pear-shaped in 1986 when ashamed by his failure to hold down a job and desperate to give his daughter a wedding that the family could be proud of, he started to dip his fingers into the Christmas Club money.

It started innocently enough. Arthur had been collecting money around the Square, and couldn't resist borrowing a little to blow on an all-night poker game in the café. It soon became apparent, however, that he'd done much more than that and, when Pauline quizzed him over his lavish plans for Michelle's wedding, he confessed that he'd stolen the lot. They tried to keep things quiet, but the lies started piling up and eventually Arthur, in a moment of madness, staged a fake burglary at 45 Albert Square and told the police that all the Christmas Club money had gone.

It took the police no time at all to realize that this was an inside job, and Arthur cracked under the pressure of their interrogation. For the last few months of the year, we watched Arthur's queasy descent into depression and madness. He spent whole days doing jigsaw puzzles, watching daytime TV or locked in his shed at the allotment. Finally, on Christmas Day, he went completely crazy and smashed up the sitting room. Christmas 1986 wasn't a happy time for anyone in Albert Square.

Pat's arrival

Bad penny Pat Wicks

Out of the mists of time - and there were plenty who would have preferred her to stay there - came Pat Wicks, formerly Pat Beale, Pete's first wife and the mother of their son, Simon, who had also turned up on the Square in 1985 to start his career as a crooning heartbreaker.

If ever a Walford woman had a past, it was Pat. It was implied that she'd had some sort of affair with Den, and she was currently married to a man called Brian who knocked her about a bit, prompting her to return to her home patch and cause trouble there. Lou reminded her that Pete wasn't Simon's father after all; just to make matters even more complicated, it turned out that Lou thought Simon was the product of an affair with Pete's brother Kenny, so she sent him off to New Zealand.

Before you could say, trollop, Pat had installed herself behind the bar at the Queen Vic and was embarrassing her son by wearing unsuitably low-cut tops for a woman of her age. She started casting her net far and wide, almost landing James Willmott-Brown and even making a play for the disgusting Charlie Cotton. She ended the year teetering on the brink of prostitution - a profession to which she seemed to be no stranger. Easily persuaded by Mehmet, who revealed himself as a sleazy pimp, she also dragged Mary into the gutter with her.

Debs and Andy

Debbie Wilkins was one of those Walford characters that it was impossible to care much about. She bossed around her boyfriend, nice nurse Andy, and when he got fed up with her she started dating local copper Roy Quick. When she realised that Andy was much in demand with other women in the Square (particularly Mary and Angie), Debs dumped Quick and got her man back. All seemed to be going well, and they had even started planning the wedding when Andy was knocked down and killed by a lorry whilst saving a child. This wasn't his only heroic deed of the day as after his death the hospital staff discovered his donor card, whipped out his kidneys and donated them for transplant.

This prompted a brief wave of sympathy for Debs, but she didn't grieve for too long, and within a couple of months was making plays for Willmott-Brown and for Colin - although she was successful with neither, for different reasons. Having failed to elicit sympathy as a merry widow, Deb's days on the Square were numbered.


  • Mark turns up in Southend, living with a woman and her two children.
  • The Square is threatened by protection racketeers and gangsters - the notorious Firm.
  • Sue has a phantom pregnancy and becomes desperate to adopt.
  • Mary ditches her punk look in an attempt to win Andy, then has a brief affair with Mehmet.
  • Lofty starts doing kissograms dressed as Carmen Miranda.
  • Little Willy goes missing but mercifully turns up in the company of a shady Latvian gentleman.
  • Kathy holds a frilly knickers party.
  • Pauline wins a Glamorous Granny competition.
  • Sharon gets religion (but not for long).
  • A mugger stalks Walford.
  • Roly gets sick from eating rat poison.
  • Colin gets cold feet about having barrow-boy Barry moving in with him.

Everyone talked about...

Happy Christmas, darlin'... and it's not a card in that envelope.

"Oh, you could keep this performance up for a lifetime. Like on the Orient Express. Like in the bar, chatting up the barman. 'Oh, I've told my husband this terrible lie. Not a little white one, but a big black one'. Remember Ange? Because I do, because I was sitting four feet away from you lapping up every word. Six little months to live. Six tragic little months, and poor old Angie's gonna pop off. That has got to be the sickest joke you've ever played, and Den Watts fell for it. Well now the joke's on you. This, my sweet, is a letter from my solicitor telling you that your husband has filed a petition for divorce. It also tells you to get yourself a solicitor pretty damn quick. Happy Christmas, Ange."

- one of the most iconic lines in television history.

You can't say that Angie Watts didn't work at her marriage. After a year in which she'd conned her husband into believing that she had an incurable illness, she had every right to believe that she'd be rewarded with a bit of togetherness in the festive season. How wrong she was. Despite much wheedling in the back passage of the Vic, Den served her with divorce papers on Christmas Day - and 30 million viewers tuned in to watch Angie's humiliation.

Doof Doof Count

  • Please note: We have calculated the Doof Doofs based on which character/s appeared at the end of an episode in frame.
Character Solo Group Total Julia's Theme
Den Watts 9 6 15 No
Michelle Fowler/Holloway 7 7 14 Yes
Angie Watts 10 2 12 No
Arthur Fowler 7 5 12 No
Lofty Holloway 5 6 11 Yes
Pauline Fowler 4 6 10 Yes
Sue Osman 3 5 8 Yes
Simon Wicks 3 3 6 No
Pete Beale 2 4 6 No
Debbie Wilkins 4 1 5 No
Non character 4 0 4 No
Kathy Beale 1 2 3 No
Kelvin Carpenter 2 1 3 No
Tony Carpenter 1 2 3 No
Ali Osman 0 3 3 No
Sharon Watts 1 2 3 No
Lou Beale 0 3 3 No
Mark Fowler 0 2 2 Yes
Martin Fowler 0 2 2 No
Mehmet Osman 0 2 2 No
Cassie Carpenter 0 2 2 No
Hannah Carpenter 0 2 2 No
Ian Beale 0 2 2 No
Jan Hammond 0 2 2 No
Andy O'Brien 2 0 2 No
Colin Russell 2 0 2 No
Dot Cotton 1 0 1 No
Roy Quick 1 0 1 No
W.P.C Alison Howard 0 1 1 No
Ethel Skinner 0 1 1 No
Trevor Smith 0 1 1 No
Vicki Fowler 0 1 1 No
Mary Smith 1 0 1 No


# Ep.
Date Director Writer Doof Doof Viewers (millions)
92 1 2 January 1986 Julia Smith Bill Lyons Pauline Fowler
Mark Fowler
(No duff duff, Julia's Theme)
93 2 7 January 1986 Sue Butterworth Bev Doyle Den Watts 21.95
94 3 9 January 1986 Sue Butterworth Peter Batt Den Watts
W.P.C Alison Howard
95 4 14 January 1986 Mike Lloyd Juliet Ace Angie Watts 19.8
96 5 16 January 1986 Mike Lloyd Jane Hollowood Ali Osman
Sue Osman
97 6 21 January 1986 Robert Gabriel Rosemary Mason Andy O'Brien
Debbie Wilkins
98 7 23 January 1986 Robert Gabriel Michael Robartes Kelvin Carpenter 21.6
99 8 28 January 1986 Sue Butterworth Bill Lyons Andy O'Brien 22.9
100 9 30 January 1986 Sue Butterworth Guido Casale Den Watts 23.25
101 10 4 February 1986 Mike Lloyd Jane Hollowood Roly
Jan Hammond
102 11 6 February 1986 Mike Lloyd David Hopkins Lofty Holloway
Michelle Fowler
(No duff duff, Julia's Theme)
103 12 11 February 1986 Matthew Robinson Bill Lyons Den Watts 23.4
104 13 13 February 1986 Matthew Robinson Charlie Humphreys Lou Beale
Simon Wicks
105 14 18 February 1986 Sue Butterworth Michael Robartes Pete Beale 22.75
106 15 20 February 1986 Sue Butterworth Liane Aukin Angie Watts 22.45
107 16 25 February 1986 Mike Lloyd Rosemary Mason Jan Hammond
Den Watts
108 17 27 February 1986 Mike Lloyd Julia Schofield Angie Watts 23.7
109 18 4 March 1986 Matthew Robinson Glen McCoy Sharon Watts 23.75
110 19 6 March 1986 Matthew Robinson Bill Lyons Dot Cotton 22.4
111 20 11 March 1986 Peter Moffatt Tony McHale Mark Fowler
Pauline Fowler
112 21 13 March 1986 Peter Moffatt Jane Hollowood Ethel Skinner
113 22 18 March 1986 Tony Virgo John Oakden Den Watts
Angie Watts
114 23 20 March 1986 Tony Virgo Rosemary Mason Angie Watts 22.75
115 24 25 March 1986 Kay Patrick Tony McHale Den Watts 21.4
116 25 27 March 1986 Kay Patrick Bev Doyle Mary Smith 20.7
117 26 1 April 1986 Tony Virgo Jane Hollowood Hannah Carpenter
Tony Carpenter
118 27 3 April 1986 Tony Virgo Gilly Fraser Kelvin Carpenter
Sue Osman
119 28 8 April 1986 Peter Moffatt Bill Lyons Michelle Fowler
(No Doof Doof, Julia's Theme)
120 29 10 April 1986 Peter Moffatt John Barrington Pauline Fowler
Sharon Watts
Dot Cotton
Arthur Fowler
Kathy Beale
Lofty Holloway
Michelle Fowler
Ian Beale
121 30 15 April 1986 Kay Patrick Michael Robartes Debbie Wilkins 20
122 31 17 April 1986 Matthew Robinson Tony McHale Lofty Holloway
(No Doof Doof, Julia's Theme)
123 32 22 April 1986 Peter Moffatt Peter Batt Angie Watts 19.5
124 33 24 April 1986 Peter Moffatt Tony Bilbow Dot Cotton
Nick Cotton
125 34 29 April 1986 Tony Virgo Liane Aukin Ali Osman
Sue Osman
126 35 1 May 1986 Tony Virgo Jane Hollowood Simon Wicks 18
127 36 6 May 1986 Chris Clough Bill Lyons Angie Watts
Den Watts
128 37 8 May 1986 Chris Clough Guido Casale Trevor Smith
Den Watts
129 38 13 May 1986 Ron Craddock Charlie Humphreys Lofty Holloway 18.3
130 39 15 May 1986 Ron Craddock Peter Batt Den Watts 20.15
131 40 20 May 1986 Mike Gibbon Michael Robartes Pauline Fowler 19.5
132 41 22 May 1986 Mike Gibbon Rosemary Mason Arthur Fowler 18.8
133 42 27 May 1986 Garth Tucker Jane Hollowood Vicki Fowler
Michelle Fowler
134 43 29 May 1986 Garth Tucker Al Hunter Sharon Watts
Den Watts
135 44 3 June 1986 Ron Craddock Tony McHale Michelle Fowler 17.1
136 45 5 June 1986 Ron Craddock Bill Lyons Arthur Fowler 17.5
137 46 10 June 1986 Mike Gibbon Michael Robartes Den Watts 16.35
138 47 12 June 1986 Mike Gibbon Juliet Ace Simon Wicks 17.8
139 48 17 June 1986 Garth Tucker Liane Aukin Pete Beale 17.1
140 49 19 June 1986 Garth Tucker Gerry Huxham Lou Beale
Pete Beale
141 50 24 June 1986 Matthew Robinson Susan Boyd Lofty Holloway 16.1
142 51 26 June 1986 Matthew Robinson Allan Swift Mehmet Osman
Arthur Fowler
Pete Beale
143 52 1 July 1986 Mike Gibbon Bill Lyons Kelvin Carpenter 13.9
144 53 3 July 1986 Mike Gibbon Rob Gittins Sue Osman 15.1
145 54 8 July 1986 Garth Tucker Peter Batt Roy Quick 16.25
146 55 10 July 1986 Garth Tucker Tony McHale Sue Osman 16.95
147 56 15 July 1986 William Slater Liane Aukin Non character, Dr Legg's Car. 16.3
148 57 17 July 1986 William Slater Gilly Fraser Sue Osman
Ali Osman
149 58 22 July 1986 Matthew Robinson Gerry Huxham Michelle Fowler
Sue Osman
(No Doof Doof, Julia's Theme)
150 59 24 July 1986 Matthew Robinson Jack Lewis Tony Carpenter 18.9
151 60 29 July 1986 Alan Wareing Tony McHale Cassie Carpenter
Hannah Carpenter
152 61 31 July 1986 Alan Wareing Peter Batt Cassie Carpenter
Tony Carpenter
153 62 5 August 1986 William Slater Julia Schofield Arthur Fowler 15.5
154 63 7 August 1986 William Slater Bill Lyons Lofty Holloway 16.85
155 64 12 August 1986 Bren Simson Liane Aukin Pauline Fowler 17.15
156 65 14 August 1986 Bren Simson Tony Bilbow Andy O'Brien 18.1
157 66 19 August 1986 Alan Wareing Rosemary Mason Debbie Wilkins 18
158 67 21 August 1986 Alan Wareing Bev Doyle Debbie Wilkins 18.9
159 68 26 August 1986 William Slater Tony McHale Non character 19.35
160 69 28 August 1986 William Slater Christopher Mattocks Lofty Holloway
Simon Wicks
161 70 2 September 1986 Romey Allison Billy Hamon Michelle Fowler 18.1
162 71 4 September 1986 Romey Allison Bill Lyons Ian Beale
Pauline Fowler
Lofty Holloway
Kathy Beale
Pete Beale
163 72 9 September 1986 Alan Wareing Gilly Fraser Arthur Fowler 18.5
164 73 11 September 1986 Alan Wareing Jane Hollowood Simon Wicks 18.7
165 74 16 September 1986 Mike Lloyd Michael Robartes Lou Beale
Michelle Fowler
Lofty Holloway
Pete Beale
(No Doof Doof)
166 75 18 September 1986 Mike Lloyd Bill Lyons Arthur Fowler 18.4
167 76 23 September 1986 Antonia Bird Bill Lyons Michelle Fowler
(No Doof Doof, Julia's Theme)
168 77 25 September 1986 Antonia Bird David Ashton Michelle Fowler 21.7
169 78 30 September 1986 Mike Gibbon Tony McHale Lofty Holloway 22.35
170 79 2 October 1986 Mike Gibbon Gerry Huxham Non Character
171 80 7 October 1986 Mike Lloyd Michael Robartes Michelle Fowler 21.1
172 81 9 October 1986 Mike Lloyd Bill Lyons Michelle Fowler
Pauline Fowler
173 82 14 October 1986 Antonia Bird Liane Aukin Den Watts 21.45
174 83 16 October 1986 Antonia Bird Jane Hollowood Angie Watts 22.4
175 84 21 October 1986 Mike Gibbon Gilly Fraser Non Character, Cassette Tape 20.7
176 85 23 October 1986 Mike Gibbon Bill Lyons Michelle Fowler 20.45
177 86 28 October 1986 Mike Lloyd Charlie Humphreys Angie Watts 21.35
178 87 30 October 1986 Mike Lloyd Michael Robartes Debbie Wilkins 22.15
179 88 4 November 1986 Antonia Bird Gilly Fraser Martin Fowler
Arthur Fowler
180 89 6 November 1986 Antonia Bird Tony McHale Martin Fowler
Arthur Fowler
181 90 11 November 1986 Mike Gibbon Jane Hollowood Arthur Fowler 21.05
182 91 13 November 1986 Mike Gibbon Bill Lyons Arthur Fowler 21.45
183 92 18 November 1986 Julia Smith Tony Holland Den Watts 22.5
184 93 20 November 1986 Julia Smith Tony Holland Angie Watts 23.8
185 94 25 November 1986 Julia Smith Tony Holland Lofty Holloway
Michelle Holloway
186 95 27 November 1986 Tony Virgo Gilly Fraser Colin Russell 23.15
187 96 2 December 1986 Nicholas Prosser Charlie Humphreys Kathy Beale 22.4
188 97 4 December 1986 Nicholas Prosser Michael Robartes Colin Russell 23.55
189 98 9 December 1986 Garth Tucker Liane Aukin Arthur Fowler
Pauline Fowler
190 99 11 December 1986 Garth Tucker Gerry Huxham Pauline Fowler 21.8
191 100 16 December 1986 Tony Virgo Tony McHale Simon Wicks
Mehmet Osman
192 101 18 December 1986 Tony Virgo Billy Hamon Sue Osman 24.3
193 102 23 December 1986 Nicholas Prosser Bill Lyons Den Watts 23.9
194 103 25 December 1986 - Part 1 Julia Smith Tony Holland Angie Watts 29.55
195 104 25 December 1986 - Part 2 Julia Smith Tony Holland Pauline Fowler 30.15
196 105 30 December 1986 Garth Tucker Gilly Fraser Angie Watts 22.75


# Ep.
Title Director Writer
Just Another Day
14 November 1986
Roger Mills

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