EastEnders history

  • 1993 - Sanjay and Gita Kapoor welcome their new baby, Sharmilla, into the world.
  • 1997 - Robbie Jackson and Sarah Hills sleep together.
  • 2005 - First appearance of Ruby Allen.
  • 2011 - Whitney Dean finally realises the man she loves, Rob Grayson, isn't the man she thought he was. He was maliciously using Whitney for prostitution, and it took the persuasion of her friends Janine and Lauren for her to come to terms with this. Rob took Whitney to a 'party' were his friends would use Whitney for sex. However, Whitney managed to escape the catastrophe through the upstairs window, and the seek of help from a passing family.
  • 2014 - Janine Butcher's trial takes place for the murder of Michael Moon. Kat Moon jumps straight to her rescue to save her cousin Stacey from a prison sentence from an allegation that Janine made that Stacey stabbed her. Janine agreed to drop the charges if Kat stood up on trial and falsify testify that she saw Alice Branning kill Michael.
  • 2019 - Ruby Allen begs and pays Phil Mitchell to 'sort out' the two men that raped her, Ross Swinden and Matt Clarkson. He subsequently refuses, but Ruby's adamant that he keeps the money and does the job.

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