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18 Albert Square was originally named 'Abercorn Bed and Breakfast' and was run by an unseen character called Doris. in 1989, Pat and Frank Butcher took it over. Frank's children Diane, Ricky and Janine Butcher lived here as well as his mother, Mo Butcher.

In December 1997, planning permission was submitted to Walford Council to have a hostel for ex-offenders with Vicar Alex Healy on the management committee. Residents at the Albert Square Residents Association voiced their objections to the council, but Cllr. Melanie Thomas approved the application. The resettlement was named 'Bridge House' and opened on 17 February 1998.

Later, Audrey Trueman re-opened the B&B at the property and her son Anthony Trueman moved in. When Audrey died, Paul Trueman and Patrick Trueman took over its management.

From 2003, Patrick's wife Yolande Trueman also worked there and at the Minute Mart in a managerial role. When Yolande divorced Patrick, Denise Fox and Kim Fox worked in the B&B as well as the Minute Mart. Kim renamed the B&B 'Kimberley's Palace'.

The B&B then closed with only Patrick living there; Denise had moved in with Ian Beale and remained working in the Minute Mart and Kim got married and left Albert Square for a year. Later in 2014 when Patrick had a stroke, Denise moved in to help Patrick recover. In 2015 Kim decided to sell her share and separate the house into 2 by selling off number 18, making 18-20 Albert Square separate again.

In 2016 some students moved in but were later kicked out due to noise in 2017. Denise mentions them moving in on 5 January 2017.

In February 2017, Ben Mitchell and Jay Brown moved in after leaving Phil and Sharon's House (55 Victoria Road). Donna Yates moved in with Ben and Jay in April 2017 when they needed help with the rent, and Donna's boiler broke. Abi Branning moved in the following week after Donna persuaded Ben and Jay to let her. When Abi's sister Lauren Branning's fiancé Steven Beale died, her and her young son Louie Beale moved in to No 18 with Abi for a few weeks until moving back to Number 45. On Christmas Day 2017 Abi fell off The Queen Vic roof and later died in hospital. In January 2018 just short of a year since moving in Ben Mitchell goes on the run in France with some stolen heist money leaving just Jay and Donna living at number 2018 until the latter left the square in summer 2018.

Later in 2018, Billy Mitchell and Woody Woodward moved in.

Following her separation from Adam, Billy's ex-wife Honey moved in to the house with their two children. Billy, Honey, the children and Jay spent Lockdown 2020 in No 18. Towards the end of 2020, Honey and Jay begin to date each other causing tensions within the household. By 2022, Honey and Jay have split up over irreconcilable differences, however the pair remain friends. Jay moves into 29 Albert Square with Callum Highway after his split from Ben. In September, Honey and Billy get back together, as do Jay and Lola Pearce. When Lola finds out she has a terminal brain tumour, Jay moves back in, to aid her in the lead up to her death. Honey begins sharing a room with Billy again and Lola and Jay take her downstairs bedroom. On 31 May 2023, Lola passed away in the house.





There have been three deaths within this house.

  • Audrey Trueman died here of a Brain Hemorrhage in September 2001.
  • Yusef Khan died here after the floor beneath him collapses due to a fire that he caused in December 2011.
  • Lola Pearce-Brown died in her bedroom as a result of her terminal brain tumour in May 2023.

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