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• 11/12/2018

Highest Kill-Count

Which character has slain the most other characters in the show? I thought it'd be Phil Mitchell, but he only took out three people, which took me by surprise.

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• 9/9/2018

NEW 'EastEnders Weekly' Podcast - Episode 30: "Carter’s Get Shot of Stuart"

We discuss... Shootings, Suspects and Sell-outs!
Listen Now with...
iTunes: https://apple.co/2oQTCOv
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2wV6rLj
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• 9/2/2018

EastEnders Weekly Podcast - EP 29: 'Sharon’s Summer Crush'

Brand New Episode available NOW;
iTunes: https://apple.co/2wKNtHl
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2MFEhyu
Podbean: https://bit.ly/2NGEgXH
We discuss... Sheanu!... Honey being sweet for Adam... Hayley's secret is out... Which Carter is in danger?... Classic EastEnders... and so much more!
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• 5/24/2018

Credit Sequence

Does anyone have a clean credit sequence from the 1985-1991 style, there is one on YouTube but sadly they have a mark in the corner of their username. If anybody does it would be a massive help and I will credit you for it at the end.
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• 5/1/2018

Michelle Fowler

leaving the square this time 2018
even tho she left in a black cab (many do not return when that happens) , will she come back ?
  • Yes, she might with a new head
  • No , and thank goodness for that !
  • i hope she returns as she was a character i liked
  • i knew why she came back but i wasn't bothered about the storyline
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• 4/28/2018


Hello guys,

I was just wondering if anyone had the name of the exact font that the EastEnders used on the credits way back in the late 80s to the early 90s, I've checked online at other peoples suggestions but none of it quite looks the same. If anybody could help that would be fab.
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• 4/20/2018

The family tree article names.

Could ‘The’ be used instead of ‘family’ or ‘family tree’ in the article names of the family trees so:
◾Abbasi family becomes The Abbasis
◾Allen family becomes The Allens
◾Banks family becomes The Banks
◾Beale family becomes The Beales
◾Branning family tree becomes The Brannings
◾Butcher family becomes The Butchers
◾Carter family tree becomes The Carters
◾Cross family becomes The Crosss
◾Masood family becomes The Masoods
◾Medeemey family becomes The Medeemeys
◾Smith Family (1980s) becomes The Smiths (1980s)
◾Smith Family (2000s) becomes The Smiths (2000s)
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• 2/20/2018

Revamp the show

Making EastEnders good again.
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• 1/27/2018


If anyone has any suggestions about this Wiki. Please post it here.
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• 12/16/2017

New 3d Build of Eastenders Set

building the full 3d set.
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• 11/27/2017

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• 1/10/2017

original episodes

id love to watch the show from the begining. does anywhere know where i can do this?
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• 1/26/2016

BBC Store EastEnders Episodes.

BBC Store has added more episodes to the store. The list is below.
04/08/2014 - present
Christmas Episodes
25/12/1986 Part One
25/12/1986 Part Two
26/12/2011 EastEnders: Backstage Live
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• 12/4/2015


Hi, I;m in a quite a pickle. Does anyone have an answers for one or more of these questions please:
1.Do you have a picture of the Queen Vic layout? a 2d one please.
2.What other streets or squares were being considered for EE.
3. Where there any characters or story lines that were cancelled for any reason?
If you could help thanks so much! Have a great Day!

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• 10/11/2015

Flaherty Family

Hi has anyone seen the EastEnders episodes set in Ireland set between 22 September 1997 and 25 September 1997. I have created the pages for all the characters in the Flaherty Family but I am unsure if the below characters are unseen characters or just uncredited actors.  

Declan Flaherty
John Flaherty
Kylie Flaherty
Tommy Flaherty
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• 9/10/2015

Character Pages Needed

I was to congratulate everyone for creating Past Character articles. Below shows how much you have all done.

Characters Pages: 50% complete

We are at 50% complete, here are the stats. 

Ammount pages created = 558
Ammount still to create = 558 (Changes with new characters arriving, characters leaving or guest characters) 
Total ammount of Past Characters = 1116 (Changes with new characters arriving, leaving characters or guest characters) 
*Please note these stats does not inclued present Characters or Unseen Characters etc, Past'Characters only.
You can find a full list on this page Character Pages Needed
Blue links indicates the page has been created and a Red indicates the page still needs to be created.

ThanksEastEnders wikia
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• 8/25/2015

Re-Cast Characters

Hi I have been working on Recast Characters but I have hit a brick wall with locating some images please check the list below and message me if you can help located any images. 
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• 8/20/2015

Any know the woman in this picture?

Hi anyone know who the woman in top left hand conner is? I recognise, Harold Legg (I think) and the Di Marco Family.
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• 8/18/2015

Pregnancy testing

Hi, I am researching the history of pregnancy testing on EastEnders and trying to compile as complete a list as possible of pregnancy tests that appeared in the series. The first and probably most important is Michelle Foweler's of course, but I am also trying to identify the episode of Sue Osman's negative pregnacny test, which I believe was first broadcast sometime in May 1986. I've found several referecnes to her phantom pregnacny storyline, but not the exact episode number or airdate. If you remember this episode, please let me know so that I can get down to the BFI and see it! Thanks and best wishes, Jesse
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• 8/17/2015

Editing Character pages

Hello all editors, this message is to remind you about the character pages:
When you edit a character page because they have left please remove the category and replace that with and also make sure to put in the Final Appearance in the template, as I have released today that someone had editing Liam Butcher & Cindy Williams Jnr and did not put the Final Appearance or remove Present Characters category.
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